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Issue 471 - January, 28th 2021


Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Critical - Third-Party Libraries - SA-CORE-2021-001

DrupalCon News: Submit Your Interest to Serve on a DrupalCon Committee

A Non-Code Community Contribution Opportunity: Become a Site Moderator

All Databases Must Support JSON Functionality

Change of Behavior for File Uploads Involving Insecure File Formats Being Renamed to .txt Files

New hook_entity_form_mode_alter() Added

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About the Drupal Decoupled Menus Initiative

If you develop decoupled sites make sure you complete the survey.

Edit Once. Publish to Many. Smart Strategies for Content Sharing

Ask a Core Maintainer Anything 2020

The transcript of a conversation with Drupal core maintainer Nathaniel Catchpole.

Let’s Not Choose Sides on Decoupled Drupal

Love the perspectives on decoupling presented here.

Gear for Developers on for the Dev

If you're looking for some new developer t-shirts we have what you're looking for at Check out our work from home and Drupal shirts. Want a WeeklyDrop shirt? We have them as well and much more.

10 Fieldable Entity Types Every Drupal Developer Should Know About

Encouraging Healthy Conversations in the Drupal Community


Get More Out of Address Fields with Address Map (& Directions) Link Module

Mailhog and Swiftmailer in Local Development

Nice tip from Shelane French.

Understanding Common Cache-Related HTTP Response Headers

Using Drupal Paragraphs for Better Content Architecture


Drupal 8.9.13

extra_field 8.x-2.0

form_filter_fields 8.x-1.0

redirect_after_login 8.x-2.7

redirect_options 8.x-1.4


Lightning Talks: DruxtJS, and Webpack and Drupal

Stuart Clark (Deciphered) demonstrated how to use the DruxtJS Menu module to render and customize a decoupled menu.


DrupalEasy Podcast 238 - Front-End Components for Beginners with Brian Perry

Talking Drupal #278 - Insider: Q1 Content Planning


Drupal Global Contrib Weekend at San Francisco Drupal User Group - Introduction to Issue Forks and Merge Requests


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