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Issue 470 - January, 21st 2021


Dries Buytaert: Drupal Celebrates 20 Years!

Happy 20th Birthday, Drupal

"Today, on Drupal's 20th birthday, we are kicking off celebrations that will last throughout 2021. Together, let’s celebrate 20 years of Drupal and our Community - the inspired makers that keep Drupal innovative. "

Streamline Field Widget Hooks

The new field widget hook hook_field_widget_complete_form_alter (hook_field_widget_complete_WIDGET_TYPE_form_alter) was introduced to make it possible to alter the whole widget form after it was proccessed.

Password Reset Form No Longer Reveals if the Username or Email Address Is a Valid Account

Community Working Group Posts: A Change to the CWG and a Call for New Members

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Brian Osborne: Introducing the Decorative Image Widget Drupal Module

Chapter Three: The Best Part Is No Part

"My particular goal for this post is to make a theme cleaner, easier to build and maintain, and perhaps get even better performance."

Drupal Browser Support Tech Support Survey Results

The results are in. What browsers are Drupal sites tested on in 2021?

Gear for Developers on for the Dev

If you're looking for some new developer t-shirts we have what you're looking for at Check out our work from home and Drupal shirts. Want a WeeklyDrop shirt? We have them as well and much more.

On Its 20th Birthday, Drupal Poised to Capture the Next Generation of the Digital Experience Market


Can I See the Menu, Please? Building and Integrating a Menu in Drupal

Control Which Roles Can Be Assigned in Drupal Using Role Delegation


Components 8.x-2.1

Dropzonejs 8.x-2.4

entity_list 8.x-1.6

Iframe 8.x-2.8

reroute_email 8.x-1.3

Viewsreference 8.x-1.7

Wodby 5.4.25


Autosave and Concurrent Editing (Conflict Resolution) in Drupal 8/9 / DrupalCo...

Decoupled Translations with Drupal / DrupalCon Europe 2020

Gitlab Deep Dive for Drupal Developers / DrupalCon Europe 2020

Taking Maximum Advantage of Drupal Core's Composer Template / DrupalCon Euro...


Talking Drupal #276 - Becoming a Successful Contractor

Talking Drupal #277 - Lando


Florida DrupalCamp Is February 18-20 - Online!

Get ready for the first scheduled North America DrupalCamp of 2021!! Florida DrupalCamp is back February 18-20 with some very rad training, sessions, and contribution day. We are on the lookout for content so get your session submissions in before February 4!!


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