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Issue 469 - January, 14th 2021


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Building Realtime Group Chats in Drupal

A ~3 year journey (be careful with ReactJS, MongoDB and other external tech).

Contenta CMS Is Now on Drupal 9

Dries Buytaert: Can Someone Add Some More HTML Tags, Please?

Introducing the Template Diff Module

Gear for Developers on for the Dev

If you're looking for some new developer t-shirts we have what you're looking for at Check out our work from home and Drupal shirts. Want a WeeklyDrop shirt? We have them as well and much more.


Apply Drupal 9 Compatibility Patches with Composer

Quicktip: Hide Unwanted Pages with Rabbit Hole Module

Remove a Hook from an Installed Contrib Module Without Patching It

10 Reasons You (Or Someone You Know) Might Need Drupal Career Online

With a decade of Drupal Career Online and more than a hundred satisfied graduates, here is a reason for each year to become part of this enriching DrupalEasy Learning Community on March 1st.

Simplify Local Development with Lando and Drupal 9

The Menu System - Extract from the Book Drupal 9 Module Development

Useful Drupal Modules and Options for Date and Time Formatting


Commerce 8.x-2.22

Commerce 8.x-2.23

config_pages 8.x-2.9

Drupal 8.9.12


Control Assigning Roles Using Role Delegation in Drupal

The Drupal 10 Readiness Initiative - Here We Go; Session Video and Slides


Lessons Learned: Contributing to Open Source Projects (Part 2) - Tag1 TeamTalk - #029.2


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