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Issue 459 - October, 15th 2020


Drupal Association Board Election 2020 - Winner Announced

Pedro Cambra Fernandez is the winner but wow was it close.

Pedro Cambra Response to Winning the DA Board Election

Commerce Shipping Release Adds Shipment Confirmation Emails and Improved JSON:API Support

Composer Plugins Provided by Drupal Are Now Compatible with Composer 2

Updated to PHPUnit 9

Drupak's Drupal Internship Program

From Our Sponsor


Mateu Aguiló: A Standard for Progressive Decoupled Drupal

A video demo and set of tools as well as examples for progressive decoupling in Drupal with JS widgets.

Drupal for E-Learning Websites

Key Modules to Start Your Drupal 9 Website

[Webinar] How to Combine Great Design & Accessibility

Let’s unravel the myth, once and for all, that great web design and ADA compliant accessibility are at odds. The truth is that genuine empathy for users of all abilities is the foundation for a human-centered approach to web design that is inclusive, engaging, and achieves big goals. Register now for a FREE Webinar.

Kristof De Jaeger: ActivityPub for Drupal


Stop Your Builds Failing with Git Pre Commit Hooks

Control Spam in Drupal with Honeypot And/or Antibot

WebOps Summit 2020 - Register for Free

Save your spot in the first ever Website Operations Summit! Drupal developers, IT professionals, marketers, and more will connect virtually and learn how to adapt to the times while growing momentum with a digital-first strategy.

Local Behat Testing with Lando and Pantheon

E-Commerce inside Drupal Made Easy


aegir_ansible 7.x-1.0-Beta2

aegir_cloud 7.x-1.0-Beta2

Bem 8.x-3.3

build_hooks 8.x-2.4

config_suite 8.x-1.6

DevShop 1.7.0-Alpha2

Docker4Drupal 5.4.22

Drupal 8.9.7

Lando v3.0.15

meta_position 8.x-1.1

paragraphs_tabs 8.x-1.0

search_api_exclude_entity 8.x-1.2

views_conditional 8.x-1.1


Talking Drupal #264 - YJS

Lullabot Podcast: A Look Into the Past, Present, and Future of Lullabot

Talking Drupal #265 - People Powered


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