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Issue 453 - September, 3rd 2020


Deprecating Config Schema

"It's possible, now, to deprecate a config schema by adding a deprecated key to the schema definition. The value of this key is the deprecation message."

DrupalCon Global 2020 Playlist

The Drupal Association has released all the video from DrupalCon Global. Note: some of the videos appear to be unedited. You might want to skip ahead a bit to get to the content.

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Accessibility Challenges in an Emergency (Web Design for Disaster Part 3)

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Proposal: Modernise the Drupal Update Framework

Ultimate Guide to Agile Git Branching Workflows in Drupal


Creating a Custom PHPUnit Command for DDEV

Development Aids in Drupal with Coffee and Admin Toolbar

Drupal 8 Form Builder

How to Override Entity Access Handlers in Drupal

myDropWizard Automatically Transition to Extended Support to All Current Drupal 7 Customers!

Multiple Files Upload in a Custom Drupal Form Programmatically

My Drupal Issue Queue RTBC Cheat Sheet


Ds 8.x-3.9

field_permissions 8.x-1.1

focal_point 8.x-1.5

module_builder 8.x-3.10


Atomic Design in Drupal with GraphQL & Twig

Configuration Management in Drupal for Beginners

Creating Layouts and Landing Pages for Drupal 8

Drupal 9: New Initiatives for Drupal

Drupal as a Digital Asset Management System

Drupal as a Digital Asset Management System Engineering Update Panel

How Will Drupal 9 Enable My Site for the Future?

Intro to Software Architecture for Drupal Developers

Introducing Drupal 9: Everything Marketers Need to Know

Test-Driven Development with Drupal &


Talking Drupal #261 - Jeff Geerling


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