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Issue 449 - August, 6th 2020

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Adding Classes to Drupal Link Field

Adding Non-PHP Dependencies to a Composer-Based Project

Create Once, Publish Everywhere with Decoupled Drupal

Agile organizations crave flexibility and strive to manage structured content across different presentation layers consistently and scalably. That’s why decoupled and headless CMS is taking off! Read our How-to Guide to Headless and Decoupled CMS for an introduction on decoupling Drupal and considerations before doing do.

Tips & Tricks When Upgrading to the Latest Drupal 8 Before Going for Drupal 9


ckeditor_accessibility_auditor 8.x-1.0-Beta1

color_field 8.x-2.4

Ddev v1.15.3

entity_hierarchy 8.x-2.20

Group 8.x-1.2

gzip_html 8.x-1.1

Lando v3.0.11

modal_page 8.x-2.16

paragraph_view_mode 8.x-1.5

Boost Your Skills with Drupal Training

Drupal development expertise is a sought-after skill, and no time is better than now to fast track a solid understanding of how Drupal 8 and 9 sites are built. Check out Promet’s online training calendar and register now.  Enter coupon code FRIENDSOFPROMET10 at checkout for a 10% discount!


Drupal Camp Asheville Talk on Upgrading Projects to Drupal 9

How to Easily Replace Media in Drupal 8


DrupalEasy Podcast 236 - AmyJune Hineline (Virtual Drupal Events)

Modernizing Drupal’s UI and Improving Accessibility with the Olivero & Claro Themes - TTT #021

Talking Drupal #257 - Kubernetes

Tallking Drupal #258 - Replying to an RFP


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