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Issue 443 - June, 25th 2020


Drupal Core - Less Critical - Access Bypass - SA-CORE-2020-006

Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Critical - Arbitrary PHP Code Execution - SA-CORE-2020-005

Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Critical - Cross Site Request Forgery - SA-CORE-2020-004

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Composer Plugins for Drupal Developers

Drupal Association Blog: The Story of the Drupal India Association - Guest Post Blog: Developer Tools Initiative - Part 6: Update on Merge Requests

How and When to Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Sample Content for Local Dev and Testing with Drupal 8 Core Migrate

The Maintainers Intiative

"The Maintainers Project is a community organized effort started by Damien Mckenna from MediaCurrent and I to improve the support of Drupal contributed modules."

Webform Cards... to Infinity and Beyond!!!


Automatically Remove the Drupal Core README (And Other) Scaffolding Files

Customizing a CSV Export with Entity Export CSV on Drupal 8

How to Integrate a Sliding Menu in Your Drupal 8 Site

Multilingual Drupal - Part 2: Translation Management

Setting Up Default Contents for Drupal Installation Profile


admin_toolbar 8.x-2.3

allowed_formats 8.x-1.3

config_actions 8.x-1.2

Drupal 7.72

Drupal 8.8.8

Drupal 8.9.1

Guardr 7.x-2.54

Revisions 8.x-1.2

Sidr 8.x-3.0

Webform 8.x-5.17


My First Livestream, and Upgrading to Drupal 9


Introduction to DrupalSpoons, a New Developer Workflow for Drupal Contributors

Talking Drupal #252 - Migration Update and More


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