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Issue 442 - June, 18th 2020

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How Maintains Geo-Redundant Remote Backups with Ease Thanks to

How to Work with JSON-RPC, Derived Schemas, and API Documentation - Part 3

New Contrib Drupal Module: Composite Reference

Top Drupal 8 Modules - Rain Edition

[Drupal Training] Advanced Component-Based Development

After the great response to our first Drupal training event, Mediacurrent is excited to host another one on July 8 & 9. In this hands-on virtual training workshop, you will learn how to develop large-scale Drupal websites with a component-based approach. Register now and use the early bird discount code “drupaltraining10” for 10% off through 6/19!


A Custom Drupal AJAX Form in a Working Example Module (Also Sends Emails and Validates Email Address)

Adjusting a Node's Published Time When Publishing Through Content Moderation

Customise Scaffold Files the Right Way

Exclude and Include Pages in Drupal 8 Block Visibility Settings

Gatsby + Drupal (In Lando)

Webinar: How to Run Blue-Green Deployments with Active/Standby on Lagoon

Lagoon has rolled out functionality to enable a blue-green deployment strategy for our hosted sites, which we are calling Active/Standby. In this webinar, we will explain how to enable a site for Active/Standby, explain what the differences are between the environments, and run through the process of promoting a Standby site to Active.

What Blocks Are My Editors Using with Layout Builder?

Working with the Devel Module in Drupal 8 to Generate Dummy Content


Autoban 8.x-1.7

color_field 8.x-2.3

decoupled_kit 8.x-1.1

Docker4Drupal 5.4.18

entity_hierarchy 8.x-2.16

file_entity 7.x-2.30

Preprocess 8.x-1.2

Preprocess 8.x-1.3

smart_date 8.x-2.8

workbench_moderation 8.x-1.6

Get a Sweet Shirt and Support TheWeeklyDrop

A few weeks ago I launched a new site(For The Dev) that sells shirts(and soon other items) for developers. If you haven't checked it out yet what are you waiting for? The shirts are well designed and comfy.


DrupalEasy Podcast 232 - Ted Bowman (Project Update Bot), Michael Schmid (Amazee Lagoon)

Talking Drupal #251 - from Dev to CTO


Join Us for Drupal Camp Asheville 2020 - Online Edition

$10 ticket + $24.99 T-shirt (optional) = $34.99! That covers top-notch trainings, amazing speakers, and so many ways to interact with great people in the Drupal community. If you are missing in-person camps this year, we aim to bring you the next best thing online. Are you in? Register today! July 10-12, 2020


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