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Issue 44 July 19, 2012

Your Drupal news this week includes exciting news and updates on the Drupal 8 front as well as an opportunity for you to help a fellow Drupal developer suffering from a horrible illness. Please take a moment and read what Aaron Winborn has to say.


Aaron Winborn Special Trust

Aaron Winborn has been a active contributor to the Drupal Community for many years. If you have used the Media suite of modules or Views Slideshow you have benefited from Aaron’s work. Aaron shared his diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) with the Drupal community some time ago. Last week he announced a special needs trust to help his family. Please consider supporting this family.

Supporting Aaron Winborn

The authors of Drupal 7 Module Development are pledging to donate all of the royalties from sales of their book for the rest of this year to the Aaron Winborn Special Trust.

Drupal 8 Plugin System in Core!


Entering a New Phase of Support for with OSU-OSL

The Drupal Association announced a new hosting agreement with Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab (OSUOSL). Fun facts from this post include that is used by “2 million people and delivers over 10 terabytes of data every month!” That’s just crazy.


Capital Camp

July 27th and 28th, 2012 at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Drupal Security Training - Free!

July 27, 2012 at UC Irvine, Irvine, California.

FREE Drupal Training at DCLA: Website-in-a-box

July 27th, 2012 at UC Irvine, in Irvine California.


What is DrupalCon?

DrupalCon Munich’s Coding and Development Track

Drupal 8

Multilingual Content in Drupal 8

With just 4.5 months until Drupal 8 feature freeze, Gábor Hojtsy says all hands needed to help with multilingual content in Drupal 8.

Blocks & Layout - Prototype

Bojhan Somers has posted a nice demo of a prototype highlighting some of the blocks & layout initiative work going into Drupal 8.

Spark update: WYSIWYG choice

Articles & Tutorials

Drupal is not a CMS

Larry Garfield explains with a bit of historical background on why Drupal is not a CMS. It’s a CMF(Content Management Framework)!

Check out Commerce Kickstart 2

Not had a chance to look at Kickstart 2 yet but Commerce has really been a joy for me to use on the current site I have in development.

How to Set Image Style in Your Own Module in Drupal 7

Integrating Google Search Appliance with Drupal

Drupal Apps: The Answer to Plug and Play Drupal Site Building?

A nice write up for anyone interested in learning more about Drupal Apps.

The Current State of Drupal 7 Multilingual

Acquia Search Just Got A Lot Better

Book Review: Drupal 7 Multi Sites Configuration


AegirVPS: A New Drupal Hosting Solution

Modules & Tools

Sublime Text for Drupal - installation and configuration

Drupal Ipsum

Drupal Ipsum is a very cool Drupal-flavoured lorem ipsum text generator.

Bot Rules

A module that provides events, conditions and actions to integrate an IRC bot with Rules module.

Project Review Wednesday: Taxonomy Tools

PHP: The Right Way

PHP The Right way: There’s a lot of outdated info on the Web propagating bad practices and bad code. This must stop.

Tips n Tricks

One-liner to generate content for a Drupal site

Jacob Singh shares a simple oneliner for generating content with Devel module.

More Closures & array_walk()

I could have used this a few months ago.


Drupal and Mobile Apps at the Dallas Drupal User Group - Jeff Linwood

Not sure what “i oss” is but this is a nice presentation. Sorry Jeff :)

Last But Not Least

State of Drupal Meetups

If you attend or organize Drupal meetups take a sec and complete this survey.


Web Wrangler needed at MJR Creative Group

Do you like to show HTML who's boss? Does PHP turn around and walk the other way down the street when it sees you coming? Is CSS on suicide watch after your last encounter? You'd fit in well here. Our creative team in Fresno, CA could use your help.

Experienced Drupal Dev | Fresno Pacific University

FPU is looking for a Drupal dev with experience developing modules. Applicant needs to be well versed in the Drupal API, Git, Javascript, PHP and the Drupal theme layer. Experience with SASS/Compass Nginx and Aegir is a plus. This is a contract position and telecommuting is just peachy with us.


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