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Issue 438 - May, 21st 2020


DrupalCon Global Announced Online Everywhere July 14-17, 2020

Announcing DrupalSpoons - a Full Featured Home for Contrib

"DrupalSpoons is a model and a movement. It shows how great development for Drupal Contrib modules can be. DrupalSpoons is a particular configuration of groups and projects built at"

Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting - SA-CORE-2020-002

Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Moderately Critical - Open Redirect - SA-CORE-2020-003

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Assessing Your Drupal 9 Readiness, Part I: Estimate, Plan and Action. Without Tears.

Day in the Life of a Core Maintainer & Notes on Drupal 9 Readiness

How Web Components and Reactivity Could Reinvent Drupal - Part 5

Webinar: Test-Driven Development with Storybook &

After applying Test-Driven Development with to Drupal modules and Gatsby Websites in our last webinars, Philipp Melab, Lead Engineer at Amazee Labs will take the next step on our journey to total confidence with testing. Join us to learn how to mix Storybook into the workflow to improve functional and visual test coverage for user interface components and, at the same time, speed up development by never touching your browser again!

Preparing Yourself for Drupal 9 Porting Weekend

The Olivero Theme Releases Its First Alpha

Thoughts on All Things Digital: Drupal Modules as Solutions, Toolkits and a Middle Way

Watch Out if Composer Update Keeps Replacing a Dependency


Check a Website for Security Vulnerabilities with the Security Review Drupal Module

How to Integrate Drupal 8 with Bitly for URL Shortening

Improve Website Security with the Automated Logout Drupal Module

Reflections on Open Source Sustainability

Thoughts on All Things Digital: Two Drupal Hooks to Help Site Accessibility

Using the Drupal Diff Component in Custom Forms


config_pages 8.x-2.7

config_split_ignore 8.x-1.8

Drupal 8.9.0-Beta3

Hax 8.x-3.10

job_scheduler 8.x-3.1

Lando v3.0.3

smart_trim 8.x-1.3

Webform 8.x-5.13

Drupal 8.7.14

Drupal 8.8.6


Drupal Live Site Build (Part 1) – Project Set Up, Build Bootstrap Card Component Using Layout Builder

The FINAL Drupal 7 to 8 Migration Live Stream - May 19


DrupalEasy Podcast 230 - Ryan Price (Feature Flags), Andrew Riley (News, Module Picks, Bikes), the Change Notice (Chris Weber)

Lullabot Podcast: Update on Olivero: The Making of Drupal 9's New Look

Talking Drupal #247 - Hello, Parts Department


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