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Issue 43 July 12, 2012

This week's Drupal News includes the ramp up to DrupalCon Munich and several Drupalers sharing their Mac development setups.


DrupalCon Munich Session Schedule Announced!

DrupalCon Munich will kick off with Dries on Tuesday and wind down on Thursday with Fabian Pontencier of the Symfony. Looks like another great DrupalCon.

Full Day Trainings Before DrupalCon Munich

As someone who has attended paid Drupal training events in the past I can say that they are worth the investment. If you need to get up to speed quickly you should definitely investigate these trainings.

DrupalCon Munich's Business and Strategy Track

Rick Nashleanas makes a great point about conferences. While the sessions are recorded, chances are you won't watch them after the conference. If you can do it, going to a DrupalCon is well worth the investment.


Midwest Drupal Developer Summit and DrupalCamp Wisconsin

Madison, WI - July 26-27 and 28, 2012

Bay Area Drupal Camp

November 1st - 4th, 2012 at UC Berkeley, California.

Articles & Tutorials

Page Cache vs. Landing Page Performance

Eric Peterson discusses various approaches to page caching landing pages with globally unique identifiers.

DrupalCon Munich: Responsive Roundup

If you're into into Responsive design there's a lot to love about DrupalCon Munich

Drupal in 1 HTTP request: Results!

78,043 Potential Contributors for Colorbox

Let's talk Apache Solr Multisite

Make 'true' Option for Boolean Radio Output First

Alli Price shares a simple snippet of code that makes the 'true' option for a Boolean radio field appear first in the output.

Creating Page Layouts with Omega Theme

Omega is truly a great base theme and if you use it you should check out this post.

Preparing for Disaster

Some great advice from Joshua Lieb of Phase2.

Modules & Tools

Module Monday: Paranoia

Andrew Berry shares a handy module this week that could make you Drupal devs sleep a little better after giving non-developers access to your site.

MAMP Begone! An alternative Apache, MariaDB and PHP stack for Mac OS X

Shrop shares his dev setup in this nice tutorial. There are many ways you can run Drupal locally and I'm loving the fact that more folks are sharing their setups.

You and Your Development Environment

Matthias Vandermaesen of Krimson shares his dev setup. Spoiler, he uses MAMP.

nginx / MariaDB / PHP / Aegir on Mac OS X with optional Drush 5

Brian Gilbert has updated his tutorial for setting up Aegir for local dev work on a Mac. It has been updated to work with the latest Homebrew and on Mountain Lion.

Mac Development: Replacing MAMP in 11 easy steps

Alex Weber shares yet another setup for Drupal development on a Mac without MAMP. If you wanna tweak your Mac setup this is apparently a good week for it.


Limitations of Features

In this video Johan Falk covers common issues that arise when creating Feature module modules. One problem that I always have is explaining a Feature module feature in a sentence :)

Updating Features

In his new video series covering Features module Johan Falk shows us how to properly update a Feature module module.


027 Jeff Hanbury and the LiveThemer Project - Modules Unraveled Podcast

LiveThemer is one of those Drupal projects that makes jaws drop. Get the inside scoop from Jeff Hanbury.


Web Wrangler needed at MJR Creative Group

Do you like to show HTML who's boss? Does PHP turn around and walk the other way down the street when it sees you coming? Is CSS on suicide watch after your last encounter? You'd fit in well here. Our creative team in Fresno, CA could use your help.

Experienced Drupal Dev | Fresno Pacific University

FPU is looking for a Drupal dev with experience developing modules. Applicant needs to be well versed in the Drupal API, Git, Javascript, PHP and the Drupal theme layer. Experience with SASS/Compass, Nginx, and Aegir is a plus. This is a contract position and telecommuting is just peachy with us.


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