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Issue 425 - February, 20th 2020

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From a Drupal 9 Architect: When Will Drupal 9 Really Be Ready?

What You Need to Know About Drush 10 & What's Coming Next


A Developer's Guide for Contributing to Drupal

Build a Valid RSS Feed for Planet Drupal

Drupal 8 Add Inline JavaScript to a Page

Drupal Paragraphs Module in Drupal 8 - a Complete Tutorial

Free Training: Making PDFs Web Accessible

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have hundreds of inaccessible PDFs on their websites. Remediating PDFs for accessibility is key to ensuring WCAG compliance. Learn from Promet Source how to make PDFs accessible and how the process sets the stage for greater inclusivity and better UX for all.

Getting the Correct Node Revision in Drupal 8

Replace Media Files with Respect to SEO: Media Entity File Replace Drupal Module!

So You Need to Update to Drupal 8.8.x?


html_title 8.x-1.0

Paragraphs 8.x-1.11

Webform 7.x-4.22


Migrating from Drupal 7 to 8 LIVE - Episode 3


Claro - the New Drupal Admin UI - Tag1 TeamTalk #010

Open Waters Ep 10: Agile Marketing in Open Source with Steve Persch

Talking Drupal #236 - Top Down Configuration


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Back-End Drupal Developer

CivicActions AnywhereAnywhere

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