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Issue 408 - October, 3rd 2019


Changes to Browsers Supported by Drupal Core

Composer Project Templates Introduced in Drupal Core

JSON:API's Entity Reference Field Normalizer Has Been Removed

Path Aliases Have Been Converted to Revisionable Entities

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Consuming REST APIs with Drupal 8

How Content Editors Use the Drupal Layout Builder

Webinar: Kubernetes 102 - a Deeper Dive Into Kubernetes

In the second part of this webinar series, Michael Schmid (@Schnitzel) of will share even more about how to run managed Kubernetes, including a live demo. Register now!

Interview with Lullabot’s Cristina Chumillas, Co-Organizer of the Drupal Admin UI and JavaScript Modernization Initiative

Making Sense of the Vista Investment in Acquia for the Future of Drupal

"What I believe Acquia wanted to get out of this is a heavy weight partner with capital and connections that could help develop Acquia into a more formidable competitor to Adobe, Sitecore and other digital experience platforms (“DXP”). It was just last week that Salesforce Ventures made a very sizeable $300M investment in Automattic, the parent company of WordPress."

Should You Jump Ship Before Drupal 9?

I would tell you the answer but if you don't know the answer you should read the article.


Code Karate: Drupal 8 Override Node Options Module

Code Karate: Gatsby Live Preview with Drupal and Gatsby Cloud

Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Views Send (Video Tutorial)

How to Add Sub Tabs Under the User Profile in Drupal 8

Query-Level Filtering for Custom Entities in Drupal 8


Ddev v1.11.1

Gutenberg 8.x-1.8

jsonapi_hypermedia 8.x-1.3

jsonapi_include 8.x-1.0

search_api_solr 8.x-3.6


A Deep Dive Into Rich Text Editors - TagTeamTalk #002

Drupal Automatic Updates - TagTeamTalk #003

Mediacurrent: Open Waters Podcast Ep 5: Getting Into Gatsby with Jason Lengstorf

Kevin Thull: Drupal Archivist - the Ten7 Podcast – Episode 71

Lullabot Podcast: 31 Days of Drupal Migrations with Mauricio Dinarte


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