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Issue 404 - September, 5th 2019

I hope you find this issue helpful.


Event Organizers: Making It Official

The Drupal Event Organizers Working Group is working towards an official organization.

New 'core_version_requirement'

New 'core_version_requirement' key in info.yml files for modules and themes allows Composer semantic version constraints including specifying multiple major versions of core.

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A Marie Kondo Inspired Guide to Content Migration

Commerce 2.14 Adds Address Book to Core

Drupal 8.7.7+ Will Support Extensions Compatible with Both Drupal 8 and 9!

Recommendations and Strategies for Building an Exemplary Appointment Request Webform


Executing Drupal Migrations from the User Interface with Migrate Tools

Webinar: Intro to GraphQL Plus Gatsby Schema Stitching

In the first part of this webinar John Albin Wilkins, Lead Frontend Developer at Amazee Labs, will explain the basics of GraphQL: What it is and how it works. The second part will cover the more advanced subject of Gatsby Schema Stitching.

Level Up Your Twiggery

PHP Debugging - How to Debug Your PHP Code (Drupal Debugging Techniques Included!)


admin_toolbar 8.x-2.0-Beta2

api_proxy 8.x-1.0

Commerce 8.x-2.14

email_registration 7.x-1.5

field_collection 7.x-1.1

Indieweb 8.x-1.4

inline_conditions 7.x-1.0

menu_breadcrumb 8.x-1.11

Metatag 8.x-1.10

simple_oauth 8.x-4.0


Code Karate: Drupal 8 Entity Construction Kit (ECK) Module

Code Karate: Drupal 8 URL Embed Module

Code Karate: Generating a Module with Drupal Console


Talking Drupal #225 - Tome


Trainings Posted for Bay Area Drupal Camp - Spots Limited

BADCamp trainings are posted! This year we have more half-day and full-day trainings than ever before. Topics range from front-end dev, DevOps, Gatsby, Kubernetes, project management and more! Whether you are looking to learn a new skill or master a discipline we have a training that is right for you. Spots are limited and always fill up quickly! Sign-up now.

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