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Issue 401 - August, 15th 2019


Migrations Can Now Opt Into Validation for Content Entities

jQuery Updated to Version 3.4 (3.4.1)

drupal_get_user_timezone Has Been Replaced with a Service


A Drupal Operator for Kubernetes with the Ansible Operator SDK

Dries Buytaert: Increasing Drupal Speaker Diversity

Drupal Association Blog: Because...Drupal!

Gatsby + Drupal = ❤️

By decoupling Drupal with Gatsby, you can build scalable, intuitive, 🔥 blazing fast websites. Learn how with a free tutorial series by Gatsby Guides.

Exploring Contenta CMS

Introducing Scheduled Transitions

Supporting Cross-Bundle Entity Collections in JSON:API


Composer-Patches: The Dependency You Never Knew You Needed

Migrating Taxonomy Terms and Multivalue Fields in Drupal

Use Taxonomy Terms as Webform Options in Drupal 8

Training the Drupal Way

DrupalEasy’s signature long form Drupal Career Online training features a live, experienced Drupal developer/instructor, Best Practices, amazing learning resources and a curriculum perfected over 13 sessions to create practical, stackable skills. Fall session begins August 26th.

Migrating Users Into Drupal - Part 1

Setup Responsive Images in Drupal 8 - a Step-by-Step Guide

Using Constants and Pseudofields as Data Placeholders in the Drupal Migration Process Pipeline


Coder 8.x-3.6

Ddev v1.10.2.9

Docker4drupal 5.4.9

elasticsearch_connector 8.x-7.0-Alpha2

Gutenberg 8.x-1.6

jsonapi_boost 8.x-1.0-Rc2

jsonapi_example 8.x-1.4

jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.9

Viewfield 8.x-3.0-Beta2

Webform 7.x-4.20

decoupled_router 8.x-1.8


Behind the Screens with Sean Dietrich

Talking Drupal #222 - Drupal Camps

Talking Drupal #223 - GitLab


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