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Issue 4 - October 13, 2011

We have another issue full of Drupal events and news for you to peruse, including big news for module maintainers and 3 Drupal camps happening across the globe on the same day.


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Scholarships Now Available For DrupalCon Denver

The deadline to apply is November 18th, 2011.

Free DrupalCon Denver tickets for sprint leads

DrupalCon Denver Session Submissions Close October 26

New Free Community videos

The folks at Lullabot are offering free Drupal videos through a new section of Drupalize.Me called community. The first two videos look great and target the issues of creating and applying patches. Be sure to recommend new Drupal contributors take advantage of this resource.

It's done: Rules 2 is out!

Wolfgang Ziegler gives us the scoop on what's new in Rules 2. New features include a data select widget that allows you to select any entity property, an improved handling of lists and loops, and improved debug logging.


Free Drupal Training for Students

Acquia announced three weeks of FREE Drupal training in Burlington, MA during the weeks of September 26, November 14, and December 12.

Drupal Camp Indy

November 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

DrupalCamp Stockholm

November 12th in Stockholm, Sweden.

DrupalCamp Toronto 2011

November 12th & 13th in Toronto, Canada.

Drupal Camp Phoenix

November 12th in Phoenix, Arizona.

LA Drupal Job Fair

November 15th at Droplabs in Los Angeles, California.

DrupalCamp France

November 26th & 27th in Toulouse, France.

DrupalCamp Ohio

December 3rd at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Articles and Tutorials

The future of caching

Larry Garfield has some intriguing ideas about letting the CMS handing cache management by using the link tag. It's worth a read if you're are interesting in caching.

Build a job listings website with Drupal

In this .Net Magazine article Tim Millwood gives us a tutorial suitable for people dipping their toes into the Drupal pond.

Drush: An Expert's Technique

As a heavy user of Drush I consider myself to be pretty well versed in it's uses, but I learned a couple new techinques that I'm going to try.

Configuring and adding images to Drupal 7 content with Wysiwyg, IMCE and Lightbox2

In this tutorial by Lowell Montgomery we see yet another way to setup a Wysiwyg editor with images.

Developing with Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce has been out of Beta for a while now but I thought I would highlight it this week with this video from DrupalCon London. The folks over at have been curating a good collection of Drupal videos from various sources. Definitely worth checking out.

Build A Podcast Archive In Drupal 7

Matt of CMS QuickStart shows us how to build a podcast with Drupal 7, Views and AudioField.


Drush screencast: core-quick-drupal command

Core Quick Drupal is a new feature in Drush 5 that downloads and bootstraps a Drupal install with a single command. Pretty cool stuff.

Drush screencast: runserver command

And Finally A Module to Keep Your Eye On


"Fences is a new Drupal 7 module-in-progress to provide easy-to-use tools to specify an HTML element for each field, when the field is created. This element choice will propagate everywhere the field is used. You don't have to keep re-choosing an element over and over again every time you display the field."

This looks like one to keep your eye on.


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