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Issue 393 - June, 20th 2019


Drupal Association Board Elections, 2019

Nonprofit Drupal Posts: June Drupal for Nonprofits Chat

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Tools with Friendly Learning Curve: Ddev

Demystifying the Decoupled Architecture

Interview with Mario Hernandez of Mediacurrent: Contributing to Drupal Through Workshops and Training

Live Drupal 8 Training

Sign up now for a live "Getting Started with Drupal 8" online training session, hosted by Pantheon on June 28th. This professional developer training will cover everything you need to know about Drupal’s fundamental building blocks.

Layout Builders Versus Content Management - Are You Making This Mistake?

10 Interesting Drupal Modules

Our Clients’ Top 2019 Digital Marketing Challenges

Webform Open Collective Office Hours


Directly Upload and Link Files to the Text Editor Content in Drupal 8

Dynamic Migrations Using "templates" in Drupal 8

Case Studies: Strategy to Drupal 8 Website Launch in 20 Days

Use DX8 to rapidly build, launch THEN evolve Drupal 8 websites. Coherence launched a new site for Oxford Group in 6 weeks¬¬ while APE Creative, the creative agency for challenger brands, created a new food concept website from strategy to delivery in just 4 weeks.

How to Integrate Telegram Chat with Drupal 8

Image Hover Effect in Drupal 8 with Imagepin Button Module

UpTime Widget Drupal Module to Show Website Reliability


Drupal 8.6.17

Group 8.x-1.0-Rc3

jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.8

module_builder 8.x-3.2

scheduled_publish 8.x-3.0

search_api_solr 8.x-3.1

Visitors 8.x-2.3


Talking Drupal #215 - Component Base Theming


Decoupled Days 2019 Sessions Announced

This year we have an incredible line up of sessions about the future of decoupled content management. You don't want to miss this event. From React to GraphQL to JSON API, we have something for everyone. Register this week and get 75% off the regular ticket price with code "getthedrop".

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