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Issue 392 - June, 13th 2019


A New Google Chrome Extension for Issue Links

Contributions to Drupal & the Search API Ecosystem

Joris thanks those that have making strides in improving the Search API family of modules which are very widely used in our community. Hats off to those involved. One of my own patches was merged!

Creating Strategies for Effective & Inclusive Group Communication in the Drupal Community

Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - May 2019

State of Drupal 9 - May 2019 Session Recording

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Hello Marketers! We’re Writing This (Drupal 8) One for You.

Interpreting the Drupal Core Commit History

Lullabot's Matthew Tift dives into the history of code contributions to Drupal adding in context that adds understanding to how Drupal has become what it is today.

The Myth of Inaccessible React

My friend Ben has been on fire lately with great blog posts. Here's another one for those learning React.

Webinar Recap: Choosing the Right CSS-in-JS Solution

John Albin Wilkins discusses the advantages of using CSS Modules for decoupled projects. Watch now!

Field Notes: Drupal + Kubernetes with Lagoon


Debugging Guzzle HTTP Request Errors in Drupal

Time spent improving your debugging abilities pays of in the long run and often in the short run.

Case Studies: Strategy to Drupal 8 Website Launch in 20 Days

Use DX8 to rapidly build, launch THEN evolve Drupal 8 websites. Coherence launched a new site for Oxford Group in 6 weeks¬¬ while APE Creative, the creative agency for challenger brands, created a new food concept website from strategy to delivery in just 4 weeks.

Drupal 8 and Composer - Working with Cloned Dependencies | DrupalEasy

How to Alter Forms Without Modules

Managing JavaScript and CSS with Config Entities

Time to Prepare for Drupal 9 with Upgrade Status Module

Simple Ways to Rewrite the Output of Drupal 8 Views Fields

Switching Themes for Progressive Enhancements


config_pages 8.x-2.5

Drupal 8.7.3

Drupal-Console v1.9.0

Gatsby 8.x-1.0-Alpha1

Hostmaster 7.x-3.175

Provision 7.x-3.175

search_api_solr 8.x-3.0


An Intro to Decoupled Drupal Podcast with Acquia

Behind the Screens: Behind the Screens with Hussain Abbas

Talking Drupal #214 - Layout Builder Checking In


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