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Issue 391 - June, 6th 2019


Drupal Core Announcements: Francesco Placella (Plach) to Become Full-Fledged Framework Manager

Drupal Association Blog: Once Again, We Are Adding a Little Color for Pride Month

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Improve Your Remote Work Productivity with the ‘Shutdown Ritual’

Integrating Drupal 8 with Marketing Tools

Interview with Our Developer Peter, One of the Release Managers of PHP 7.4

Drupal Is Under Non-Stop Attack. Wizards & Robots Save Websites!

Layout Builder in Core - First Impressions

The Drupal 7 Versus 8 Debate: An Insurer’s Guide to Upgrading

The Last Great Migration: Why Drupal 8 Is in a Class of Its Own

What’s New in Rain 3.0


Can I See the Menu Please? Building and Integrating a Menu in Drupal

Case Studies: Strategy to Drupal 8 Website Launch in 20 Days

Use DX8 to rapidly build, launch THEN evolve Drupal 8 websites. Coherence launched a new site for Oxford Group in 6 weeks¬¬ while APE Creative, the creative agency for challenger brands, created a new food concept website from strategy to delivery in just 4 weeks.

Drupal SEO: 13 Things That Improve Ranking

Search and Facets and Queries, Oh My!


Docker4drupal 5.4.7

Address 8.x-1.7

build_hooks 8.x-2.2

Entityqueue 8.x-1.0-Beta5

Gutenberg 8.x-1.0

page_manager 8.x-4.0-Beta4

search_api_solr 8.x-3.0-Rc1

Tablefield 7.x-2.8

Tablefield 7.x-3.5

Uuid 7.x-1.3

Webform 8.x-5.3-Rc1

workbench_email 8.x-1.2


Behind the Screens with Karl Kedrovsky

DrupalEasy Podcast 219 - AmyJune Hineline - Contribution Tour 2019

Talking Drupal #213 - PHP Ninja


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