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Issue 39 June 14, 2012


Additional Drupal 8 Core Maintainer: webchick

Angela "webchick" Byron is now a committer for Drupal 8.


D7 Has Now Has Full Entity Language Support


Drupal Global Training Day Coming Up on June 22

Drupal Global Training Days is an initiative set forth earlier this year to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. The Drupal Association is partnering with training companies around the world to make this happen, and the next Drupal Global Training Day is June 22.


Reserve Your Munich Hotel Rooms Before They’re Gone!


Hooked On Security

Larry Garfield gives us a great primer on the security features Drupal offers to developers.

Author UX - Known Problems

Bojhan Somers shares a list of issues with the UX of Drupal's content creation experience. I know I've seen users struggle with several of the issues listed here.

Contributing 101

Ariane Khachatourians gives us the scoop on getting into contributing to Drupal.

Accessibility for Web developers. No More Excuses.

Architecting A Multi-Country Site With Drupal 7


Upload and Import Files into Your Drupal Site

Bryan Jones of Monarch Digital presents us with a nice little tutorial coving creating a file uploader using batch processing.

Debugging Code Inside A Vagrant Instance Using Xdebug

Programmatically Creating Entities

Workbench: Content Management with a Short Learning Curve


Coda Plugin for Drupal Updated for Coda 2

Davy Van Den Bremt announces an updated Drupal plugin for Coda's great editor.

Jeff's Handy Dandy Drupal Login Bookmarklet

This nifty Javascript bookmarklet will find the login url of the Drupal site you are trying to log into and then redirect you to the page you were on before logging in.


An All-New Zen with the Same Guiding Principles

Zen 7.x-5.0 is loaded with features including SASS/Compass, Zen Grid, HTML5, mobile first, responsive AND you can choose which features you want to use. With all of these new features John Albin Wilkins says performance was a priority. It's great to see frontend performance in the base theme realm.

New Conditional System up on

Our favorite Drupal form module has some cool new features in the 4.x release.


Module Monday: Anonymous Posting


Modules Unraveled: 023 Earl Miles and Getting Views In Drupal 8 Core

Mr Miles has been busy this week appearing on no less than two podcasts this week promoting getting Views into Drupal core. I approve this message.

Podcast 103: Views In Core

Earl Miles talks to the Lullabots about you know what.


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