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Issue 388 - May, 16th 2019

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A Proper Introduction to Drupal Check

A Very Simple PoC of Using Voice to Admin a Drupal Website

ContribKanban 2019 Update

Matt Glaman gives an update on this project.

Drupal 8 Configuration - Part 1: The Configuration API

[Webinar] Build Speedy, Consistent Drupal Sites with Rain & GatsbyJS

Introducing an end-to-end formula to power your next Drupal project. Learn how to get set up with Mediacurrent’s Rain install profile, connect our GatsbyJS starter, and deploy to Netlify. Register for the webinar.

I Have Switched My Drupal 8 Site to a Static HTML Site with Tome

New Module: HTTP Status Code

Reflections from DrupalCon Seattle’s Grant & Scholarship Recipients

When to Upgrade from Drupal 7

Why We No Longer Use Display Suite on New Drupal 8 Projects


Create Custom Entity Constraints with Drupal’s Entity Validation API

Gated Resources Forms with Webform and Token

How to Make a Drupal 8 Local Task Title Dynamic

A Free UI Kit for Drupal 8 Websites

Build Drupal websites at scale and speed using Cohesion DX8 and the Cohesion UI Kit. Download for free. Powered by Cohesion DX8 #drupalreimagined

How to Set Permissions for Fields in Drupal 8

Recognizing Insecure Drupal Code

Using Drupal 8 Filters to Render the Markup That You Want in a Clean Way

Using Laravel’s Homestead for Drupal Projects


Drupal 8.7.1

Drupal 8.6.16

Drupal 7.67

Ddev v1.8.0

Docker4drupal 5.4.6

modules_weight 7.x-1.12

modules_weight 8.x-1.8

Quicklink 7.x-1.0-Rc1

Quicklink 8.x-1.2

Restui 8.x-1.17

Lando v3.0.0-rc.16

Views 7.x-3.23

Webform 8.x-5.3-Beta2


Talking Drupal #210 - Multi-Site vs Domain: A Commerce Case Study

TEN7 - Episode 059: 2019 Twin Cities Drupal Camp


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