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Issue 386 - May, 2nd 2019


Drupal 8.7.0 Is Available

"This release introduces powerful features that will help us all take Drupal to a whole new level. The new stable JSON:API core module as well as the intuitive and accessible stable Layout Builder are game-changing."

Drupal Association Appoints Executive Director

Dries Buytaert: Welcoming Heather Rocker as Drupal Association Executive Director

Community Posts: Help Us Review and Update the Drupal Code of Conduct

Drupal Global Splash Awards Announced in Seattle

"The Drupal community has just announced the winners of the inaugural Global Splash Awards."

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Applying Some "Nudge Theory" to the Webform Issue Queue

Best Security Focussed CMS - Drupal 8

Download Now: Drag and Drop Page Builder by Sooperthemes

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Drupal 8 Contact Forms vs Webform: Choosing Between Drupal Most Popular Form Builders

Drupal 8.7 Release (And Why This Is Big News for Marketing)

Drupal 9: Automated Deprecated Code Removal - a Proof of Concept

Estimate Your Site's Drupal 9 Compatibility Easily with Upgrade Status

Should You Upgrade to Drupal 8 or Wait for Drupal 9?

The Ultimate Guide for Faster Drupal: Part 1 Caching


Ajax Events on Entity Reference (Autocomplete) Form Elements in Drupal 8


jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.6


Talking Drupal #207 - OpenDevShop

TEN7 Podcast Episode 058: New Support Clients and Why We Date Before Getting Married


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