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Issue 384 - April, 18th 2019


Dries Buytaert: State of Drupal Presentation (April 2019)

DrupalCon Session Video Playlist

If you missed some sessions or didn't get to attend DrupalCon check out the playlist on YouTube or you can go to the DrupalCon Seattle site and view them there.

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Case Study: Building a Decoupled LMS for Estee Lauder

Demo: Updating Drupal Core Automatically

Dries Buytaert: How to Prepare for Drupal 9

Commerce Guys Rebrands with Centarro Toolbox Launch

Commerce Guys unveiled their new brand, Centarro, at DrupalCon Seattle. Their launch product, Centarro Toolbox, is a collection of SaaS products that complement any Drupal Commerce site and includes a full sales and analytics dashboard. Learn more at the link then schedule a demo to see it in action!

Dries Buytaert: The Privilege of Free Time in Open Source

Running Drupal in Kubernetes with Docker in Production

Wim Leers: Backwards Compatibility vs Evolvability vs Maintainability


Enhancements for Editors: Put the Fun in Paragraphs

Generate an Automatic Summary with Drupal 8

How to Add Classes / Attributes to Drupal 8 Local Tasks

Create Drupal Pages Faster with Glazed Builder: Our Easy-to-Use Page Builder

Click to find out how Sooperthemes helped clients including the US Senate, United Nations, and Fujitsu to provide a state-of-the art visual content editing experience. Try Glazed Builder and learn how your communication department will create marketing pages 5x faster without a single line of code!

How to Add Drupal Webforms to Content Types


Drupal 8 Module Development - 2nd Edition. Yeey!


Mglaman/drupal-Check: Check Drupal Code for Deprecations and Discover Bugs via Static Analysis

This is one of the tools Dries mentioned in his keynote last week at DrupalCon Seattle.


Coder 8.x-3.2

decoupled_router 8.x-1.7

Docker4drupal 5.4.4

Graphql 8.x-3.0-Rc3

paragraph_blocks 8.x-2.1-Beta3

Pcb 8.x-1.6

Quicklink 7.x-1.0-Beta2

scheduled_publish 8.x-2.12

search_api_federated_solr 7.x-1.1

search_api_federated_solr 8.x-1.2


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