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Issue 378 - March, 7th 2019


Drupal 8.7.0 Will Be Released May 1; Alpha Begins Week of March 11

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2019 Drupal Community DevOps Survey

Building Usable Conversations: The Story of Ask GeorgiaGov

Decoupled Drupal: Getting Started with Gatsby and JSON:API

Upcoming Live Webinar: Drupal 9 Is Coming Soon. How Should You Prepare?

Join Drupal project lead Dries Buytaert and Drupal product manager Gábor Hojtsy to understand how you can start planning for Drupal 9, learn about the migration path, what this means for Drupal 7, and to ask your questions. Sign up for this live webinar today!

Migrating Panel Nodes Into Layout Builder Nodes. Is That Even Possible?

No Monkey Business Static Progressive Web Apps (Part 1)

"How and why Interactive Investor uses decoupled Drupal, Gatsby.js, ReactJS and AWS to deliver rich content without making Google cry"


Adding Extra Source Properties in Drupal Migrations

Configuring REST Export with Views in Drupal 8

Brand NEW Deployment Tool to Be Shown at DrupalCon Seattle

Our newest tool allows developers to easily define workflows, simplify continuous integration and deployment for one-to-many sites. Exclusive demos presented at DrupalCon!

Docker4Drupal and Functional Javascript Tests

Docksal Integration with Acquia, Pantheon, and Handmade Drupal and Wordpress Hostings

Drupal 8, Simple OAuth and Simple REST

Entity Import: A User Interface for Drupal 8 Migrations

Integrating the Color Module Into Your Drupal 8 Theme

Reuse in hook_help() with Parsedown


Context 7.x-3.10

core_update 7.x-1.0-Beta1

Docker4drupal - 5.4.2

hosting_deploy 7.x-3.0

json_field 8.x-1.0-Rc3

Lando - v3.0.0-rc.13

Memcache 7.x-1.7-Beta1

moderation_scheduler 8.x-5.1

path_breadcrumbs 7.x-3.4

rabbit_hole 7.x-2.25

Services 7.x-3.23

Webform 8.x-5.2-Rc1


Talking Drupal #201 - Single Sign On


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