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Issue 374 - February, 7th 2019


Introducing Community Group Sections in the Community Portal

Next Steps: Putting the Governance Task Force Recommendations Into Action - Part 1

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Drupal on OpenShift: The Business Value of OpenShift

"Looking to achieve production grade Drupal deployment using Kubernetes? Find out the business value of running your Drupal site on OpenShift, the industry’s most advanced Kubernetes distribution."

Drupal Pitch Deck at 60+ Case Studies

"It’s just 3 weeks since we announced our call for content. I am delighted to report that over 60 case study slides have so far been submitted, with others pending client approval."

Blazing Fast Websites with Gatsby and Drupal

With Gatsby and Decoupled Drupal, get an enterprise-quality CMS, paired with a great development experience and all the benefits of the JAMstack, like performance, scalability, and security.

Food Delivery Service Built on Decoupled Drupal Commerce with React Native App

Get a Fieldable Drupal Menu: Menu Item Extras Overview

"Menu Item Extras makes the Menu Link Content entity fully fieldable. The module fixes core issues and provides a couple features, like Demo Module and View mode per menu item, which makes developers' lives easier. It allows us to use all fields types for menus as for the normal Drupal 8 entity. Each menu is a bundle for the Menu Link Content."

How Do You Start Contributing to Drupal Without Code?

Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration - the Drupal Boina Distribution

A new Drupal distribution from weKnow to help you build a headless/decoupled web application with Drupal.

Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration - the Gatsby Boina Starter

A Gatsby starter to make your Drupal-Gatsby integration easier from weKnow.

Lando Is Ready for the Masses with RC2 Release

Eliminating Barriers to Drupal Commerce Growth in 2019

Drupal Commerce grew from 3,000 to 7,000 sites in 2018. In this post, Ryan Szrama introduces Commerce Guys' roadmap to help more eCommerce teams build with confidence on Drupal in 2019 to see that tremendous growth continue.

Drupal + React “Progressively”

Webform 8.x-5.x Stable Release Plan


A/B Testing with ABJS Module

Convert from Drupal 8 Tarball to Composer

Custom Entity Methods in Twig Templates

Getting Started with Drupal 8 Migrations

How Do You Place a Block in a Twig Template

Take Control of Your Drupal 8 Theming with DX8.

Our low-code platform enables junior site builders to complete 100% of the theming of your Drupal 8 websites without involving developers who focus on more complex tasks. Features: In-line editing, drag & drop page builder, style builder, settings manager, template builder and import/export so you can build once use everywhere. Get access to our fully featured demo and see for yourself.

How to Decouple Drupal Commerce to Deliver Richer Shopping Cart Experiences: Useful Modules

How to Display Flickr Images on Your Drupal 8 Site

How to Pin Images in Drupal 8

Switch an Existing Drupal 8 Project Under Composer

Testing Your Drupal Code Base for Deprecated Code Usage with PHPStan

Writing Automated Tests in Drupal 8, Part 3: Unit Tests


admin_toolbar 8.x-1.26

Lando - v3.0.0-rc.6

Spamspan 8.x-1.0


Behind the Screens with Amy Loudermilk

Behind the Screens with Tom Sliker

DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 215 - Kaleem Clarkson - Drupal Event Organizers Working Group

Talking Drupal #196 - Beyond Drupal


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