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Issue 367 - December, 6th 2018


DrupalCon Seattle Agency Leadership Track Sessions Selected

DrupalCon Seattle Builder Track Sessions Selected

DrupalCon Seattle Content & Digital Marketing Track Sessions Selected

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Architecting Your Own Drupal Site with Layout Builder

CLI/TUI Tools I Cant Live Without

A great collection of tools, most of which I also use on a daily basis.

Drupal Admin UX Study: What We Can Learn from Contentful, Craft CMS, Squarespace, and WordPress

Drupal and Composer: Part 2 — Managing a Drupal 8 Site with Composer

Zero to Drupal in 60 Days with Acquia Lightning

Join this live webinar, led by Drupal project lead and Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert and Jeff Beeman, Acquia Lighting product manager, to discover why Lightning is the best content management foundation for developers and next-generation experience builders. Learn how you can reduce development time by 30 percent while creating better, more usable sites.

Git Bisect + Cypress

Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration - the Drupal Modules

Project Management with GitHub: V2

Sponsor an Event, a Sprint, a Speaker and the Red Button

Using Drupal’s Definition Files in Component-Based Theming

Waterfall-Like Agile-Ish Projects


Analyzing a MySQL Slow Query Log with Pt-Query-Digest

Get Drupal Support & Maintenance in 2019... Before the Tax Man Can Take Your Money!

Buy a full year of Drupal Support & Maintenance before December 31st and get 10% off. The best part? You'll be able to expense it in 2018 so the tax man can't take your hard-earned cash. Contact myDropWizard now (Deadline 12/31/2018)! Just mention TheWeeklyDrop, and we'll apply the 10% off!

Simple Guzzle API Mocking for Functional Testing in Drupal 8

Testing the 'Add User' and 'Edit Account' Forms in Drupal 8 with Behat


admin_menu 7.x-3.0-Rc6

build_hooks 8.x-1.2

Cas 8.x-1.2

Context 7.x-3.9

Docksal 1.11.1 Released

Gutenberg 8.x-1.0-Beta4

jsonapi_extras 8.x-2.13

jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.0-Rc3

menu_block 7.x-2.8

simple_sitemap 8.x-3.0-Rc4

Thunder 8.x-2.30

tui_editor 8.x-1.6

Webform 8.x-5.0-Rc27


Code Karate: Drupal 8 Rabbit Hole Module


Behind the Screens with Jacob Rockowitz

DrupalEasy Podcast 212 - Commerce Guys: Decoupling and Roadmap with Bojan Zivanovic and Matt Glaman

Talking Drupal #187 - Dwayne McDaniel

Talking Drupal #188- Static Site Generation


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