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Issue 353 - August, 23rd 2018

I'm fresh back from the Decoupled Drupal Days conference in New York. It was a great event of which I was honored to be a co-organizer and speaker. I hope to highlight some of the sessions in next week's issue. They were all recorded. Though I didn't get to see very many of them, I've heard many positive comments. On to the links.

~ Bob


Drupal Is Moving to GitLab

Yep, it's happening.

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Bringing Gutenberg to Drupal: A Modern Admin UI, a Better Editing Experience in Drupal 8

This is an opinionated article about the Gutenberg project for Drupal. Gutenberg is a Wordpress admin UI that some love and others hate. Regardless of where you land on that topic the project is worth looking into.

Custom Dashboards: Surfacing Data Where Authors Need It

Drupal Admin UX Study: The Survey Results Are In!

3 Ways Roundearth Will Improve Your Nonprofit (Or Small Business)

Video demonstrating three great things you can do in Roundearth (Drupal + CiviCRM).

Pros and Cons of Docker

The Marketer’s Guide to Drupal 8: 10 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal


Preventing Brute Force Attacks with Login Security

Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS


Introducing the Element Class Formatter Module for Drupal 8


config_log 8.x-2.0-Rc1

Drupal 8.6.0-Rc1

Media 7.x-2.20

Media 7.x-3.0-Rc6

Metatag 8.x-1.6


Lullabot Podcast - GatsbyJS with Creator Kyle Mathews


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