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Issue 352 - August, 16th 2018


Drupal Association Blog: A More Sustainable Framework for Fiscal Sponsorship of Drupal Camps

On August 31 the DA will be sun-setting their fiscal sponsorship of Drupal camps. But fear not, the Open Collective Foundation will be filling this void for US camps. All camp organizers should read this post.

Drupal Association Blog: 2018 Q1 & Q2 Financials Statement Summary

Drupal Core Announcements: Core JavaScript Will Be Formatted Using Prettier (Many Patches Will Need Rerolls)

"Drupal 8.6.x is now in a beta phase, which means we will now undertake disruptive cleanup tasks like adjusting coding standards. The main standards change in this release cycle will be the adoption of Prettier code formatter."

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Break It Down for Me, Shrop: Tackling Drupal Security Update SA-CORE-2018-005

A conversation between a project manager and a Drupal security expert.

Drupal Is Easy with Michael Anello

An interview with DrupalEasy's Michael Anello.

When Drupal Skill Is Not the Most Important Reason to Hire Someone

Rosewood Marketing excels in their unique market by first hiring for their market, and then working on the skills.


Encrypted Drupal Database Connections with Amazon RDS

How to Get Gatsby to Work with Drupal: Building a Gatsby Site with a Decoupled Drupal Back-End

Keeping Dynamic HTML Classes Easy to Find

Localising Dates in Twig Templates

Mail in Drupal 8: The Built-in System and Useful Modules

Testing Drupal with WebDriver Browser Mode vs Headless Browser Mode


First Look at Live Demo of the Gutenberg Content Editor for Drupal 8


Consumers 8.x-1.0

Contentajs 8.x-1.0-Beta2

decoupled_router 8.x-1.0

Honeypot 7.x-1.25

Honeypot 8.x-1.28

Subrequests 8.x-2.0


TEN7 - Episode 036: Matthew Tift


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