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Issue 350 - August, 2nd 2018


Drupal Core - 3rd-Party Libraries -SA-CORE-2018-005

"The Drupal project uses the Symfony library. The Symfony library has released a security update that impacts Drupal." It is recommended that all Drupal 8 sites upgrade immediately.

Documentation Initiative Update, UX Changes to

Matt Grasmick gives us an update on the UX improvements coming to

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your New Project in Drupal 8 (Instead of Drupal 7)

A Content Personalization Primer

Jeff Eaton shares, "Content personalization for the web isn't new, and the latest wave of excitement isn't all hype; unfortunately, the reality on the ground rarely lives up to the promise of a well-produced sales demo. Building a realistic personalization strategy for your website, publishing platform, or digital project requires chewing on several foundational questions long before any high-end products or algorithms enter the picture."

Dries Buytaert: Building Digital Backpacks for Syrian Refugees

Dries shares how "UC Davis used Drupal to launch Article 26 Backpack, a platform that helps Syrian Refugees document and share their educational credentials."

How to Choose the Right Point of Sale System for Your Business

Compares Drupal POS, Shopify POS and Square POS.

Roundearth Drupal 8 + CiviCRM: Organize Your Email Archives

Organizing your own email is hard! Organizing email conversation archives for your organization? Easy! We'll show you how.

Topic Clusters Are Old News to Drupal SEO


Create Dropdown Menus Using Superfish in Drupal 8

Exclude Current Node from List of Related Nodes by Taxonomy Term

How to Override Default HTTP and HTTPS Ports on Docksal

How to Set a Voting System in Drupal 8

Setting #default_value for Date Field in a D8 Form

Setting Up DDEV as a Local Development Environment

Smart Trim Your Content and Modify Teasers


Drupal Module Spotlight: Straw


Drupal 8.5.6

Facets 8.x-1.1

Iframe 7.x-1.12

media_entity 8.x-1.8


Lightning Layout with Layout Builder


Behind the Screens with Jeff Vargas


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