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Issue 339 - May, 17th 2018


Progress and Next Steps for Governance of the Drupal Community

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Drupal JavaScript Initiative: The Road to a Modern Administration UI

"With some of the web's largest sites relying on client-side only JavaScript, and search engines able to effectively crawl them, it's no longer imperative that a site provides fallback for no JavaScript, particularly for specialised uses such as editorial tasks in a content management system."

Offering More Inclusive User Demographic Forms (On

GraphQL & Twig

"Decoupling Drupal is the future, however, it may be a big leap to learn a whole new development stack. With GraphQL Twig, we can take baby steps with a soft-decoupled approach by writing GraphQL inside our Twig templates."

Human Presence Protects Drupal Forms After Mollom

Read about how Human Presence protects Drupal forms with a drop-in replacement service comparable to the recently retired Mollom.

Nightwatch in Drupal Core

"Drupal 8.6 sees the addition of Node.js based functional browser testing with Nightwatch.js. Nightwatch uses the W3C WebDriver API to perform commands and assertions on browser DOM elements in real-time."

Progressive Decoupling: 1 Modern Javascript

Progressive Decoupling 2: A How to Guide


How to Build User Profiles with Fields in Drupal 8


A walk through of various Composer tasks.

Enterprise Content Synchronization

Publish and synchronize content between all your sites using Drupal Content Sync. You have full control over the sync logic of entities and fields.

How to Add Menus Using Toolbar Menu in Drupal 8

"With the Toolbar Menu module, you can add as many menus as you need to the toolbar of your Drupal installation."

How to Manage User and Role Permissions in Drupal 8

Managing Media Assets Using Core Media in Drupal 8

Migrating Drupal File Fields to Media Entities Without the Migrate Module

Setting Up a New Project Using BLT, Dev Desktop, and Lightning


Introducing React Comments

"React Comments is a drop-in replacement for Drupal Core’s Comment module. It has all the same features, but with a few added benefits. Because it was built using React, user interactions appear on the page immediately, with no page refresh needed."

New React-Based Content Scheduler

"Lightning 3.1.4 (released on 9 May) ships with a completely new content scheduler built in React." Check out the demo of this React based Drupal component.


Jsonapi 8.x-1.17

Jsonrpc 8.x-1.0-Alpha6

Lightning 8.x-3.104

Panopoly 7.x-1.54

views_bulk_operations 7.x-3.5


Behind the Screens with Jesús Manuel Olivas

Talking Drupal #171 - Drupal Interview


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