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Issue 333 - April, 5th 2018


Drupal Association - Meet Us at Booth 515

Show up to the Drupal Association booth and you'll find some smiling faces, fun activities, and more.

DrupalCon Nashville Board Meetings

From Our Sponsor


A Local’s Guide to DrupalCon Nashville

DrupalCon News: So It's Your First Time at DrupalCon


A Development Workflow for Drupal 8 Projects

Juampy NR shares tips on development workflow he has learned over the years.

Achieving Clarity in Component-Based Best Practices

Checking for Bad Passwords in Drupal to Avoid Site Compromise

Decoupling Drupal 8 Core: Core REST, HAL, and Setting Up Drupal as a Web Services Provider

Some great tips for implementing a decoupled Drupal site from Preston So.

Get FREE Help from a "Wizard" at DrupalCon Nashville!

Visit us at Booth 818 at Drupalcon, and we'll give you a little FREE support with your Drupal problem, whatever it may be. :-)

Thanks to the Drupal Security Team for Keeping Us Safe

Dries Buytaert offers his thanks to the Drupal security team. In case you missed it, last week there was a critical security fix release for Drupal 7 and 8.


From Drupal to Medium: Automated Cross Posting

Come Meet the DDEV Team at Drupalcon Nashville

We’re going to DrupalCon Nashville and are excited to meet you at our booth, in BoFs, and sprints. Here’s where you can find us.

Migrating Drupal 7 Organic Groups to Drupal 8 Group


Introducing the Acquia Decoupled Starter Kit for React

Mini Drupal Module 'Clean Maintenance' Released


9.2.2 · Drush-Ops/drush

backup_migrate 8.x-4.0

config_pages 8.x-2.2

Drupal 7.58

Drupal 8.3.9

Drupal 8.4.6

Drupal 8.5.1

file_entity 8.x-2.0-Beta6

Jsonapi 8.x-1.15

Metatag 7.x-1.24

Metatag 8.x-1.5

Speedy 7.x-1.32

ultimate_cron 7.x-2.6

views_bulk_operations 8.x-2.2

Webform 8.x-5.0-Rc8



Talking Drupal #165 - What's Hot with Jason?

Talking Drupal 164- Email Services


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