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Issue 321 - January, 11th 2018


A New Tab on User Profiles

Addressing Meltdown/spectre in Drupal

Views Exposed Filters Now Support HTML5 Placeholder Text

What’s New on - December 2017

DrupalCon license program launched, analysis of developer tooling options published, Akismet for spam protection, and more.

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Custom Block Deployment Strategies for Drupal 8

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Elm Apps in Drupal Panels

Mastering (Really Mastering) Pantheon Workflows (Especially These 5 Elements) Is Awesome

Drupal up-and-comer Brian Coffelt has mastered Pantheon Workflows, and he wants to share the importance of training to developing these new-found powers.

Noindex WTF

Matt Glaman shares a head scratcher issue with robots.txt and noindex

Webcomponent All the Things, All the Places! Increase D8 Adoption.

Webform, Drupal, and Open Source...Where Are We Going?


A Beginners Guide to Performance Optimization in Drupal 8

Lando Share ~ Sharing Is Caring

Easy sharing of dev sites with Lando, the Docker based dev environment.

Select Embeddable Media Assets in Drupal 8 with Entity Browser

The Development Tools Your Team Needs Minus the Hassle

Deliver Better Digital Experiences to Your Customers Faster with DDEV .


COG 8.x-1.12

Deploy 8.x-1.0-Beta4

DF 8.x-2.0-Rc9

Drupal 8.4.4

Drupal Console 1.4.0

file_entity 7.x-2.15

Guardr 8.x-1.0-Alpha2

views_bulk_operations 8.x-2.0-Rc1

Workspace 8.x-1.0-Beta6


Friday 5: 5 Ways to Improve the Editorial Experience


Behind the Screens with Angie Byron

DrupalEasy Podcast 202 - Matt Glaman - Drupal 8 Development Cookbook Second Edition, Drupal Commerce

Hacking Culture - the Paradox of Tolerance

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