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Issue 316 - November, 16th 2017

Hi everyone. I'll be taking next week off from the newsletter for the Thanksgiving holiday. If that's something you celebrate hope you enjoy yourself.


An Update on the Layout Initiative for Drupal 8.4/8.5

Dries Buytaert gives us an update on the Layout Initiative.

An Update on the Media Initiative for Drupal 8.4/8.5

Dries Buytaert gives us an update on the Media module's status in core and what to expect in future version of Drupal 8.

Base Fields with Existing Data Can Now Be Uninstalled Blog: Shortcuts and Friendly URLs for Issues

Check out the new features on

New Drupal 8 Committer: Francesco Placella!

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GraphQL for Drupalers - the Basics

Amazee Labs' Blazej Owczarczyk gives us an intro to GraphQL. GraphQL is growing in popularity quickly and now there is a solid module for Drupal 8.

Agencies: Don't Keep Passwords in Your Wiki!

Optional Config Weirdness in Drupal 8

Learn about the optional configuration support in Drupal 8. I was unaware of this functionality and you may be as well.


An Easy Way to Store User Data in Drupal 8

Attaching React.js to a Template Rendered on the Server with Twig

Conditional Fields in Paragraphs Using the Javascript States API for Drupal 8

On-Demand Webinar: Learn How to Use Atomic Design to Make Your Site Manageable and Adaptable

Future-proof your website, speed its delivery and promote consistency by building with Atomic Design principles. Modern websites assume more business responsibility and importance than ever before. As a result, they’ve grown into immensely complex organisms. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll get an overview of Atomic Design, how we use it, and its tangible benefits.

Profiling and Optimizing Drupal Migrations with Blackfire

Styling the WYSIWYG Editor in Drupal 8

Lullabot's Karen Stevenson shows us how to get the most out of the WYSIWYG in Drupal 8.


Announcing Entity Class Formatter for Drupal 8

"The Entity Class Formatter is a nifty little module which allows editors to place classes on to entities, allowing their look and feel to be altered in the theme layer or with other modules such as Look and Modifiers. It is now available for Drupal 8."


field_group 8.x-1.0

Globalredirect 7.x-1.6-Beta1

permissions_by_term 8.x-1.37

Scheduler 8.x-1.0


Friday 5: 5 Steps to Converting Your Project to SASS


Behind the Screens with Greg Anderson

Behind the Screens with Greg Dunlap

The Epic Return of the OPIN Mic Podcast


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