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Issue 314 - November, 2nd 2017

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Effective Communication, Part 2: Crossing the Streams

Last Chance! | Enhancing Front End Drupal Development

In today’s fast paced world, the speed of digital experiences is important. Organizations with slow websites risk customer disloyalty, cart abandonment and bad SEO scores. Overall, it’s a poor user experience. You can insulate yourself from the risks of a slow site by optimizing your frontend. Join this tech talk to learn about best practices to optimize your Drupal frontend.

Shopping with Augmented Reality

Dries Buytaert discusses how the Acquia labs team built an augmented reality application using Drupal and other tools.

Tips for a Sustainable Drupal Website

Using JSON API to Query Your Search API Indexes

"The JSON API module is becoming wildly popular for in Drupal 8 as an out of the box way to provide an API server. Why? Because it implements the {json:api} specification. It’s still a RESTful interface, but the specification just helps bring an open standard for how data should be represented and requests should be constructed. The JSON API module exposes collection routes, which allows retrieving multiple resources in a single request."


Adding a MailChimp Newsletter to Your Drupal Site

How NFPA Is Bringing Paper Processes Online with Drupal 8

Firewise USA™'s paper application process existed for 15 years but, in 2016, the Firewise team decided to bring the process online. They chose to build this process on top of Drupal 8. Join us to discuss the challenges and rewards of bringing a paper process online as a Drupal 8 web app.

Override Drupal 7’s Page Template for a Content Type

Sending Drupal Entities to Dialogflow with Chatbot API Module

The Special Case of the “Dev” Stability Flag: Funtimes with Composer!

Kalamuna's Derek DeRaps shows us how to use dev projects with Composer.


Drupal Commerce: Beta Release for Commerce Discount 7.x-1.0

Journey to Lando: Mistakes, Pivots and Vindication

Mike Pirog tells the story of the Kalabox local hosting project and the new project that replaces it named Lando.


Advagg 7.x-2.28

Apachesolr 7.x-1.9

better_exposed_filters 7.x-3.5

Deploy 7.x-3.1

file_entity 7.x-2.12

Graphql 8.x-3.0-Beta1

Lightning 8.x-2.21

modules_weight 8.x-1.3

Varnish 7.x-1.6

varnish_purge 8.x-1.8

Webform 8.x-5.0-Beta21

Workflow 7.x-2.11


Bay Area Drupal Camp: BADCamp Videos Now Available on the Website!

Drupal Modules: The One Percent —Create User Permission (Video Tutorial)

Friday 5: 5 Git Tips You Should Try Today

In this week's Mediacurrent Friday 5 yours truly shares some tips for Git users.


Behind the Screens Halloween Special

Behind the Screens with Adam Bergstein


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