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Issue 311 - October, 12th 2017


Drupal 8.4.0 Is Now Available

New or improved features include inline form errors, date time range, layout discovery API, media API, and more.

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Highlights from DrupalCon Vienna

A nice list of videos from DrupalCon Vienna from Wunderkraut.


An Overview of JSON API: A Text-Based Data Exchange Format

Neel Prakash does a good job introducing readers to JSON API and the Drupal module of the same name.

Decoupled Drupal Showcase: Using Drupal to Power Digital Signage

Digital signage can be a great way to extend your organization’s reach, moving your content and your brand beyond the typical website experience. In this tech talk, Brian Reese, Senior Developer at Acquia, will present a case study along with a few lightweight technical examples of decoupled Drupal and digital signage.

Improving the UX of Updating Drupal Sites with Composer: Greg Anderson & Ryan Aslett

Introducing Drupal's Vast Creative Commons Image Library

Paul Johnson tells us about a "large library of high quality Drupal-related imagery available for free so journalists, bloggers, Drupal end users and community members can easily find photos to brighten your news articles, blog posts, marketing materials."

Progress on the Salesforce Suite for D8 and a Call for Participation

Salesforce is a force of nature in the CRM and business data world. Get an update on how the Drupal 8 release of the module is coming along.

Re-Learning Accessibility for a Decoupled Front End

Tobias Williams reminds us that when decoupling Drupal, we need to be thinking more about accessibility. A good refresher.


Drupal 8: Now a Great Podcast Platform

If you are an agency, solo Drupaler, or just want to add a podcast to your organization's marketing, this might be of interest to you. I created a very simple podcast module: RSS SimplePodcast!

How to Create Fancy Pagers in Your Drupal Views with Pagerer

How to Handle Resource Intensive Tasks on Queue with Drupal Queue Worker/API

How to Use the New Media Features in Drupal 8.4


Introducing Mannequin

A new component theming tool from Last Call Media


Devel 8.x-1.2

Drupal 8.4.0

Salesforce 8.x-3.0-Rc7

Webform 7.x-4.16


Friday 5: 5 Features of the Theme Generator

Mario Hernandez talks about Mediacurrent's theme generator for Drupal 8.


Behind the Screens with Jason and Stew of Amazee Labs

Behind the Screens with Mauricio Dinarte of Agaric

Lullabot Podcast - Web Accessibility with Marcy Sutton


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