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Issue 306 - September, 7th 2017


Drupal Association Blog: Kickstarting the Drupal Community Spotlight

Drupal Association Blog: Q1 2017 Financial Statement Summary

"The Drupal Association Board is responsible for the Drupal Association’s financial health and as part of their duty, they vote to approve monthly financial statements. The board met on June 28, 2017 at the open board meeting held online."

Drupal Core Announcements: 8.4.0 Release Candidate Phase Begins Week of September 4; No Drupal 8.3.x or 7.x Patch Release Planned

"The release candidate phase for the 8.4.0 minor release begins the week of September 4. Starting that week, the 8.4.x branch will be subject to patch release restrictions. Closer to the 8.4.0 release on October 4, we will limit the changes to critical bugfixes and other high-priority changes."

Drupal Core Announcements: Coding Standards Change Proposals 9/2

Drupal Core Announcements: For Review: *DRAFT* Proposed Product Goals for Drupal 8.5/8.6(+) Core

"After consultation with the various initiative teams + core committers, we have created a DRAFT of proposed product goals for Drupal 8.5 (feature freeze: January 29, 2018) and Drupal 8.6+ (date TBD; ~late summer 2018)."

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DrupalCon Europe: Co-Creating a Sustainable and Valuable Event

DrupalCon News: DrupalCon Takeaways - Justin Rhodes


Building an Open Source Photo Gallery with Face and Object Recognition (Part 2)

Decoupled Drupal and Ember - Authentication

One Way to Find Out What’s Happening in Drupal

There are people meeting every week and working on parts of Drupal. What to know when? Check out Roy Scholten's post with a handy Google Calendar listing these meetings.

Security for Drupal and Related Server Software

API-First Drupal: On the Road to Publish Once, Access Everywhere

Be the one that empowers your content team to streamline their content creation and publishing process. Use Drupal’s API-first architecture as a central data service to power your entire content ecosystem.

What Is Decoupled Drupal and Why Is It Important?


Create a Simple Timeline with Views in Drupal

Learn how to use the Simple Timeline module to create a great looking, vertical timeline of Drupal entities.

Drupal 8 Menu System: Generate Previous & Next Links

How to Skip Row if Parent Entity Does Not Exist During a Drupal 8 Migration

"Drupal 8 lets you perform incremental migrations and update records that have changed since their last migration. If you meanwhile delete such records in Drupal 8 a migration update may break." In this post Richard Papp shows us how to get around this issue.

Using Autocomplete Exposed Filters with Views

Drupal Career Online

The original Drupal Career Technical Education program: six years running, licensed and recognized by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. The next 12-week live, online session starts in October. Learn more and join us for an information session September 20th.


Celebrating the Full Drupal Commerce 2.0 Release

"The Drupal Commerce 2.x development process has been one big adventure! Over the last 2.5 years we've accumulated 2,000 code commits in multiple repositories from over 70 contributors at dozens of agencies. With last week's release of a stable Commerce 2.0-rc2, we've started preparing to celebrate the full release with parties around the world."

Introducing Lagoon,’s Fully Open Source Docker in Production System

"Lagoon is a system of microservices (independently deployable modular services), which takes code built by developers, creates Docker Images, pushes these images into OpenShift/Kubernetes, and monitors deployments. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Docker, in a Drupal-friendly environment."

Introducing the Chatbot API Module for Drupal 8

"Chatbot API provides a common layer to serve Drupal content to any such service, so you only have to write your code for each Intent once. The handling of requests and responses is left to the specific module which implements your bot (e.g. Apa.AI) or voice assistant protocol (e.g. Alexa skill)."


Media 7.x-2.11

Media 7.x-3.0-Beta6

simple_gmap 8.x-1.4


Drupal Modules: The One Percent — W3C Validator


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