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Issue 305 - August, 31st 2017

We have a bit of an abbreviated issue this week due to my travel schedule. I'll be back home and back to normal next week. ~ Bob Kepford


Drupal Core Announcements: Proposal to Adjust Experimental Modules Process/requirements in Response to User/developer Feedback


DrupalCon News: You’re Coming to Vienna, Here Are Some Great Things to See and Do.


Accessibility in Drupal 8

Extending GraphQL: Part 2 - Types and Interfaces

The 3 C's + the 1 D of Drupal: Why Decoupled Matters

Update Automation for Drupal Code and Module

Establish continuous delivery for Drupal updates with full integration into your development tools and workflows. Save time and focus on essential development tasks while Drop Guard does the update job fast, reliable and most efficiently. Meet Drop Guard at DrupalCon Vienna at booth #S08!

Why Should Companies Support Drupal?

Your Drupal Sites Are Safe with Warden


Apache, Fastcgi, proxy_fcgi, and Empty POST Bodies with Chunked Transfer

Create a Google Map with Location Markers in Drupal 8

Drupal 8: How to Get Image Style Tokens for Metatags

How to Alter Entity Autocomplete Results in Drupal 8

Migrating Aliases and Redirects to Drupal 8

OpenEDU - a Drupal 8 Distribution to Jumpstart Higher Education Websites

Accelerate the process of building higher-education websites with OpenEDU, a D8 distribution tuned for higher-ed organizations. Join us to speak with players integral to OpenEDU: from the advisory board and its project managers and developers. You’ll leave understanding the research that went into this project, its future roadmap and the value of distributions in general.

Programatically Filter Current Nid from Views Block Listing


config_split 8.x-1.1

Docksal 1.5.0 Released

Eva 8.x-1.2

Ldap 7.x-2.3

Views 7.x-3.18

Workbench 8.x-1.0


Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Display Machine Name (Video Tutorial)

Drupalize.Me: New Free Series: Coding Standards


Lullabot Podcast - Contenta - an API First Decoupled Drupal Distribution


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