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Issue 301 - August, 3rd 2017


Experimental Modules' Status Towards Drupal 8.4.0 Release

Workflow Type Plugins Are Now Responsible for State and Transition Schema Privacy Policy Update - July 2017

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DrupalCon Vienna Welcomes 12 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Programming Announced with 132 DrupalCon Sessions


Contenta Angular: The Best of Drupal and Angular

Mediacurrent's Matt Davis introduces the Contenta Angular project, an example frontend for Contenta CMS.

Building Components: Breaking It Down

Mario Hernandez discusses the process of breaking down designs in to components as part of the site design and development process.

Designer to Developer: How to Go from Paper to Style Guide

Register for Decoupled Developer Days - NYC - Aug 19-20

Registration is filling up fast. Don't miss this small developer-focused conference for architects, developers, and businesspeople involved in implementing decoupled Drupal architectures. The mission of Decoupled Dev Days is threefold: share best practices in sessions, discuss difficult shared problems in discussions, and build open-source projects in sprints.

Why No Mainstream PHP Speakers Come to Drupalcon - and How We're Changing That

Three Things Every Drupal Site Needs to Kick Ass

Site audits are very valuable and in this article from Lullabot you will learn about some tools to help with this task.

Top 10 Free Drupal Themes

A list of Drupal themes.

What to Expect in Drupal 8.4


Getting Started with Webform in Drupal 8

If you are considering Webform for Drupal 8 take a look at this post from Web Wash.

How to Migrate Posts from Wordpress to Drupal 8

Just Getting Into Drupal?

There are lots of paths toward proficiency. Brian Coffelt’s route is a great example of how aspiring developers can use resources and commitment to shorten the road to success.

Migrating Drupal 7 Redirects to Drupal 8

Stop Using Features: A Guide to Drupal 8 Configuration Management

Validating Drupal 8 Config

Tim Millwood shows us how to make sure the config that is imported into your module is valid.


Antispam 7.x-1.6

Cod 7.x-1.6

Cod 7.x-2.0-Rc2

Entityblock 8.x-1.0

Graphql 8.x-3.0-Alpha2

Metatag 8.x-1.2

Redirect 8.x-1.0-Beta1

Twitterlogin 8.x-3.3

Uikit 8.x-3.0-Beta11

Webcomponents 7.x-1.0-Rc2


Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Entityqueue (Video Tutorial)


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