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Issue 30 April 12, 2012

It's hard to believe this is issue 30. Thanks to all of the sponsors, supporters and you.


2012 Blue Drop Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 2012 Drupal awards were announced this week with developed by Unleashed Technologies taking the Website of the Year prize. Check out the press release to see the rest of the winners.

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Drupal Government Day

May 18th, 2012 in Washington, DC.

DrupalCamp Dublin

May 18th - 19th, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.

DrupalCamp Charlotte

June 10th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

DrupalCon Denver Recap

Report Back On A Set Of Key Drupalcon Denver 2012 Presentations

Victor Kane gives us a very detailed overview of the sessions he attended at DrupalCon Denver.

Faster Mobile Sites

Another Matt Farina post about performance.


Palantir: Multi-headed Drupal

Larry Garfield gives us a slew of options for making the decision whether you should build multiple Drupal sites or a single Drupal site that looks like multiple sites and everywhere in-between. Really good info from Mr. Garfield.

Bug Squad Mentoring Hours

Earl Miles takes a cue from Drupal Core Office Hours with his announcement of Bug Squad Mentoring Hours.

Setup Eclipse to Work with Your Remote Server and Drupal Plugin

Urban Insight: Drupal on OS X using Homebrew

Ron Golan shares how and why he switched from a VM based dev setup to a native dev environment installing the necessities using the great homebrew package installer for OS X.

Drupal as a Service

The folks over at Pantheon Systems have posted a manifesto of sorts laying out their goals with Pantheon and who they see the service they are providing. Good read.

Examples Project: Split it up!

In my opinion the Examples module is one of the most underrated modules on Examples module is a collection of, wait for it... example modules. These modules are heavely documented showing you how to do things with Drupal's API's. Randy Fay is proposing the module be broken into separate modules going forward. Seriously, you should check out this module if you are new to Drupal and you're a coder.

Drush Rebuild: A Utility For Rebuilding Drupal Development Environments


Modules Unraveled: 015 Nathan Haug and

Brian has a great conversion with Nathan Haug, Lullabot and the man behind the Webform module. Nathan recently launched and discusses his plans and the inside scoop on this great epi of Modules Unraveled.

DrupalEasy at DrupalCon Denver: Dani Nordin and Ken Woodworth

Drupal Voices 219: Ben Finklea and the Blue Drop Awards

New Lullabot Kyle Hofmeyer talks with Ben Finklea of Volacci about the Blue Drop Awards.


3 Great Drupal 7 Modules You May Have Missed

JD Collier of Digett shares 3 modules that can improve the usability of your sites.

Module Monday: Flex Slider

This week Sally Young shares a nice responsive image rotator for Drupal.

QuickPost Bookmarklet on Dreamhost VPS with Suhosin

Brock Boland shares how he uses bookmarklets to quickly post to his Drupal blog using the QuickPost Bookmarklet module. I need to check out his module, adding a bookmarklet to my site has been on my list for a while.

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Cart Ajax


Building Installation Profiles On Nodestream Just Got A Bit Easier!

Open Academy

Open Academy is an university website in a box built by Chapter Three


Panopoly is an Apps enabled distribution of Drupal powered by lots of CTools and Panels magic.


List Your Job on Drupal Jobs

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