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Issue 299 - July, 20th 2017


Drupal 8.4.0 Will Be Released October 4; Alpha Begins Week of July 31

Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary - 28 June, 2017

Take the Survey on the Community Governance Summit

What’s New on - June 2017

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Dealing with Drupal 8 and a Giant cache_render Table

Eight Reasons Why Security Matters for Distributed Agencies

Great article on security for those of us that work from home. I highly recommend that teams and especially leadership at distributed companies read this.

How to Determine Whether You Can Upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 (Yet)

How do you know whether the Drupal 8 ecosystem is ready for a relatively straightforward migration? Thankfully, there are some great resources available!

I’m Hungry, but I Can’t Decide — A Small Chatbot Based Upon Contenta CMS

A cool example project by Daniel Wehner showing the power of API first Drupal.

Comparing Drupal and Sitecore, Part 2 of 2

One Million Downloads, One Million Thanks

Jesus Manuel Olivas shares the story of the Drupal Console project.


How to Implement Simple AMP Support in Drupal 8

Building a Custom Migration in Drupal 8, Part 6: Custom Source Plugins

How to Schedule Automated Tasks in Drupal with Cron?

PHP Performance Tuning for Drupal 8

Build your site to perform at scale. Join us to learn tips and tricks for performance tuning. You’ll walk away with an understanding of PHP tuning (including OPcache and APC User Cache), database tips and recommendations for integrating D8 into your software stack.


Introducing the YAML Content Module

Mediacurrent's Drupal Theme Generator


Address 8.x-1.1

Commerce 8.x-2.0-Rc1

decoupled_auth 8.x-1.0-Alpha3

Docker4drupal 2.3.0

Honeypot 8.x-1.27

permissions_by_term 8.x-1.20

search_api 7.x-1.22


DrupalEasy Podcast 195 - Reservoir


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