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Issue 296 - June, 29th 2017


Drupal Core - Multiple Vulnerabilities - SA-CORE-2017-003

Calling All Drupal Agency Leaders: Participate in the 2017 Drupal Business Survey

"The survey aims to provide a picture of the current Drupal Business landscape, including the health of Drupal companies, obstacles and enablers for Drupal’s business success and D8 adoption."

What’s New on - May 2017

Drupal Association Q4 2016 Financial Update

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Contenta Makes Your Content Happy

"Contenta is a Drupal distribution that gives you modern API capabilities out-of-the box with JSON API, which amongst other features allows you to fetch nested resources in one request, and plans to include the similar GraphQL service soon. It’s ready to feed content to your JavaScript powered website, phone app, TV, or even the mythical fridge application."

Decoupled Developer Days - NYC - Aug 19-20

Call for Papers is open! Submit a session for our single track at the inaugural edition of Decoupled Developer Days in New York City! We're looking for 25- and 50-minute sessions which deal with decoupled Drupal topics.

Decoupling Drupal with Waterwheel for Ember and React

Experimenting with Drupal and HTTP/2


How to Embed Just About Anything in Drupal 8 WYSIWYG with Entity Embed and URL Embed

Epic post from Lullabot's Marcos Cano. "Embedding media assets (images, videos, related content, etc) in a WYSIWYG text area is a long-standing need that has been challenging in Drupal sites for a while. In Drupal 7, numerous solutions addressed the problem with different (and sometimes competing) approaches."

Building a Custom Migration in Drupal 8, Part 5: Paragraphs

Drupal Sucks at Non-Profits

If you're a non-profit volunteer, board member, director or staff, should you be afraid of using Drupal for your website needs? Is Drupal hard? Is Drupal 8 even "harder"? Is it "too expensive" for your non-profit?

How to Customize Content Forms and Pages Using Field Group in Drupal 8

"Content with many fields can be overwhelming when it comes to adding and editing data. Also, creating layouts to display the content is often a complex task. Field Group can solve both of these issues."

Site Reset BASH Script


The DrupalConsole Launcher Is a Stand-Alone Full CLI Application.

Changes coming to Drupal Console, ..."after receiving feedback and analyzing the benefits, we decided to bring back the Launcher as a full CLI application."


Drupal 8.3.4

Drupal 7.56

Docker4drupal 2.2.0

Getresponse 8.x-1.4

json_feed 8.x-1.0-Beta3

Lightning 8.x-2.15

Phpmailer 7.x-3.0-Beta3

search_api 8.x-1.2

search_api_solr 8.x-1.0

Shield 8.x-1.1

Speedy 7.x-1.30


Talking Drupal #150 - Drupal GovCon


Drupal Camp Asheville 2017

July 14-15 in Asheville, North Carolina.


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