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Issue 29 April 5, 2012

This week, due to DrupalCon and tons of Drupal events we have a longer than usual issue. I want to welcome our latest sponsor Standing Cloud. I had the pleasure of meeting them at DrupalCon Denver and their product looks very, very cool. Do take a look at their site. If you are interested in sponsoring this newsletter drop me a line at There's a lot of good stuff this week so let's get to it. ~ Bob


Blue Drop Awards Voting

Be sure to go and vote for your favorite Drupal sites before Friday, April 6! A certain newsletter site is up for an award. Just thought I'd mention that.

/drupalgive Initiative

Moshe Weitzman has a great idea. Well, I think it's great. Drupalgive is a community initiative for each organization to create a /drupalgive page highlighting that organization's work for the Drupal project. I'd love your support for new /drupalgive initiative. See . If you like, post a friendly comment there.

Announcing Acquia's Large Scale Drupal Program

This week Dries announced "Large Scale Drupal", a group of large enterprise Drupal users who meet regularly to discuss and collaborate on common problems. The hope is that this will help the Drupal community capitalize on the lessons learned by those implementing Drupal at large organizations

From Our Sponsor


Open Atrium 1.3 Released

The latest release is a security release for Drupal Core and a cross site scripting (XSS) exploit as well as updates to Rubik theme and contrib modules.


From the project page OpenAid is described as "a turnkey website platform designed and built by international public health and knowledge management experts to help small NGOs and international development projects create cost-effective program-focused websites quickly."

Release: Organic Groups 6.x-2.3


DrupalCamp Nashville

April 27th & 28th in Nashville, Tennessee.

Drupal Day Valencia 2012

April 28th, 2012 in Valencia, Spain.

DrupalCamp Göteborg

April 28th, 2012 in Göteborg, Sweden.

DrupalCamp Wroclaw

April 28th - 29th, 2012 Wroclaw, Poland.

Drupal Business Days

May 3rd - 5th 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

DrupalCamp Scotland

May 25th - 26th in Edinburgh, Scotland.

DrupalCon Denver Recap

Drupal 8 Meets Symfony2

Learn more about how Symfony2 components will be used as the core foundation for the upcoming Drupal 8 release

Views for Developers; An Architectural Overview

Delivering Drupal

If you care about devops and deploying Drupal(and you should), then this is the session for you.

Essential Knowledge For Drupal Beginners

This video shows a pre-recorded version of the session "Essential knowledge for Drupal beginner", from DrupalCon Denver. It is a slower version of the actual presentation held at the conference, and also contains some information skipped in Denver (but doesn't have any Q+A).

Beginner Theming at Drupalcon Denver

OG7 - Pride and Prejudice

Amitai Burstein explains how Organic Rules uses and leverages Entity API, fields in core, CTools + Panels and Rules to work it's magic.

Drupalize Your Data: Use Entities!

Wolfgang Ziegler (fago) talks about entities, the foundational concept behind nodes, comments, users, terms, vocabularies and files in Drupal 7.

How To Build A Scalable Platform For Today’s Publishers

Drupal Commerce Contrib Overview

Drupal Commerce: eCommerce Any Way You Need It

Articles & Tutorials

Why Minify JavaScript?

In another great post about performance Matt Farina makes the case for minifying your Javascript.

Redesigning the Panels IPE

I've been evauluating Chapter Three's new distro Open Academy and I have to say that I am very impressed with the Panels In Place Editor. Nica Lorber talks about how she and Matt Cheney have improved the IPE.

How to Build a Lightbox Portfolio in Drupal 7

Core Mentoring, And Xjm's Guide To Patch Reviews

Check out this excellent post describing how Xjm does patch reviews.

Drupal 7 Field Modules By Popularity

Lin Clark has compiled a list of field modules sorted by popularity.

Simple Debugging with func_get_args()

Using Inline Editable Fields for Featured Content Blocks in Drupal 7

Digett's Art Williams shares a method for displaying and editing featured content.

When And How Caching Can Save Your Site. Part 2: Authenticated Users

WYSIWYG Module + CKEditor: Taming the Beast

Protect Drupal Content with Node Access Password

Over on the OSTraining blog Ed Andrea has written up a nice tutorial showing how to set up the Node Access Password module to restrict access to a specific node.


Module Monday: HMS Field

HMS Field allows you to capture Hours, Minutes or Seconds within your Drupal site. Read Jeff's great writeup for more details.


Coding for Rules Overview

Learn more about working with the Rules module in this free video series from Drupalize.Me.

Installing Barracuda and Octopus

Friendly Drupal Free Drupal Tutorials

New PHP videos on working with strings, variables and IDEs

Chris Shattuck is begun a new series covering PHP. Many people come to Drupal with little or no PHP background and a quick course in the basics can be very helpful. I highly recommend Chris' site. Top notch stuff.


Modules Unraveled Podcast 014

Florian Loretan announces DrupalCon Munich and Barry Jaspan explains the permentently free developer tier of Acquia Cloud.


Drupal Case Studies

Been noticing some interesting things pop up on the Drupal Case Studies page lately.


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