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Issue 279 - March, 2nd 2017


8.3.0 Release Candidate Phase Begins Week of February 27; No Drupal 8.2.x or 7.x Patch Release Planned

"The release candidate phase for the 8.3.0 minor release begins the week of February 27. Starting that week, the 8.3.x branch will be subject to release candidate restrictions, with only critical fixes and certain other limited changes allowed"

Announcing 161 Sessions of Diverse Speakers, New Perspectives, and Top-Notch Topics for DrupalCon Programming

The sessions for DrupalCon Baltimore have been announced.

Meet the Drupal Association at-Large Board Member Candidates

"Did you know you have a say in who is on the Drupal Association Board? Each year, the Drupal community votes in a member who serves two years on the board. It’s your chance to decide which community voice you want to represent you in discussions that set the strategic direction for the Drupal Association."

Updated Deprecation Process for Drupal 8 Code

"From Drupal 8.3.0 onwards, in order to make the deprecation process as simple as possible for developers and users, we have created a new deprecation policy that details what can be deprecated and how."

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Acquia Lightning Blog: Extending Lightning - Part II

"After much debate, the Lightning team has decided to embrace the concept of “inheriting” profiles. AKA sub-profiles."

Bursting the Drupal Bubble

Really enjoyed Chris Hall's thoughts on his time away from Drupal. "The bubble I am referring to is thinking about everything in the context of Drupal, even the proudly invented elsewhere bits in Drupal 8. This kind of thinking can perhaps have the same bad effects as the echo chambers on social networks where everyone you are connected to has essentially the same or similar references and experiences."

Can the Exact Same Module Code Run on Drupal 7 and 8?

A very interesting approach to porting modules to Drupal 8.

Doing Our Part for the Community

"The Drupal Association Engineering Team delivers value to all who are using, building, and developing Drupal. The team is tasked with keeping and all of the 20 subsites and services up and running."

New Drupal Site? Make Sure Your Team Has Foundation They Need to Make It Great

Now that you’ve committed to Drupal and the ball is rolling, it is time to make sure your team gets the best possible foundations in Drupal. It’s never too early to train-up your developers or administrators in the ways and workings of your new Drupal site. DrupalEasy trains teams and individuals with our long-form learn-as-you work Drupal Career program, on-time Project Coaching, and our new Administrative workshop.


Put Drupal 7 on MDW Life Support

Query for Entities Using Dates in Drupal 8

Useful tutorial from Web Omelette for your date based query needs.


Announcing Shave Module for Drupal: Truncate Text to Fit an HTML Element

Dorgflow: A Tool to Automate Your Patch Workflow

If you, like many find the patch workflow cumbersome you should check out this new project.

Drupal 8 Module (Distro!) of the Week: Panopoly

Jeffrey McGuire interviews David Snopek about the successful Panopoly distribution.

Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Range (Video Tutorial)

Introducing Config Filter

"A new structure and new possibilities for Config Split."


Bootstrap 7.x-3.12

config_installer 8.x-1.4

Features 8.x-3.4

force_password_change 8.x-1.2

Jsonapi 8.x-1.0-Alpha5

Media 7.x-2.0-Rc11

Media 7.x-2.0-Rc7

Memcache 7.x-1.6

Panels 8.x-3.0-Beta6

Panopoly 7.x-1.43

restrict_ip 8.x-1.2

Sitemap 8.x-1.3

Views 7.x-3.15


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