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Issue 266 - November, 17th 2016


Drupal 8 Will No Longer Include Dev Dependencies in Release Packages

This is a very good move for security on all of our Drupal 8 sites. "As a best practice, development tools should not be deployed on production sites. Accordingly, packaged Drupal 8 stable releases will no longer contain development PHP libraries, because development code is not guaranteed to be secure or stable for production."

What’s New on - October 2016

This post is packed full of updates, be sure and check it out.

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Content and Commerce: A Big Opportunity for Drupal

Dries Buytaert adds further explanation to the partnership announced last week between Acquia and Magento. He adds broader context around why commerce is important to Drupal's future.

Contribution Stories: Amin Astaneh, Using Data to Make Better Teams

Drupal Camps in Asia

Frontend Style Guide Miniseries: Part Two: KSS Node

If you are interested in style guides and Drupal 8 be sure to check out this post on the Four Kitchens blog by Randy Oest.

Higher Ed Drupal: Drupal in Computer Science (Part 2 - Realities)


Demystifying Content Rendering in Drupal 8 Twig Files

Twig debugging tips from Amy Vaillancourt-Sals on the ThinkShout blog. PHPStorm is used in these examples but I believe one could accomplish the same results with any editor that has Xdebug support.

Template Inheritance in Drupal 8 with Twig Extend

Tutorials on the Drupal 8 APIs, Collected

A collection of Drupal 8 developer tutorials by John-Patrick Stacey.

Using Display Suite in Drupal 8: How to Use Switch View Mode Sub-Module

This tutorial from Webwash takes a look at one of Display Suite's sub-modules, Display Suite Switch View Mode.

Create Your Own "SLA Catalyser"

How can I strengthen and increase my Service Level Agreements? Our free guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on ensuring continuous security processes for Drupal agencies & individuals. Grow your business - sustainable!

Using MailChimp API v3.0 to Subscribe Users to Email Lists in Drupal Custom Modules

This post describes how to use the the Mailchimp PHP library directly and not the Drupal module. It's a good example of using Composer to bring PHP libraries into your Drupal projects in Drupal 8.

Writing Composer Scripts

In this post Greg Anderson shows us how we can add scripts to composer to do many handy things like running unit tests and code sniffing.


Anatomy of a (Terrific) Drupal 8 Theme

"Bear Skin 8.x is a clean, Pattern Lab integrated, prototyping ready Drupal theme. It comes bundled with Browsersync, regression testing, linting tasks and Bower plugins imports."


Chosen 8.x-2.1

entity_browser 8.x-1.0-Beta1

Media 7.x-2.0-Beta7

Restui 8.x-1.13


Lullabot Podcast: WordPress vs Drupal


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