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Issue 261 - October, 13th 2016


Drupal 8.2.0 Is Now Available

"Drupal 8.2.0, the second minor release of Drupal 8, is now available. With Drupal 8, we made significant changes in our release process, adopting semantic versioning and scheduled feature releases. This allows us to make extensive improvements to Drupal 8 in a timely fashion while still providing backwards compatibility."

Drupal File Upload by Anonymous or Untrusted Users Into Public File Systems -- PSA-2016-003

"Recently the Drupal Security Team has seen a trend of attacks utilizing a site mis-configuration. This issue only affects sites that allow file uploads by non-trusted or anonymous visitors, and stores those uploads in a public file system. These files are publically accessible allowing attackers to point search engines and people directly to them on the site. The majority of the reports are based around the webform module, however, other modules are vulnerable to this misconfiguration as well."

DrupalCon Vienna 2017

September 25-29 2017.

Help Dries Crowdsource Drupal 8 Success Stories

"In little over a month Drupal 8 will be one year old. To mark this momentous occasion Dries Buytaert, Drupal’s founder, will champion noteworthy web sites and applications powered by Drupal 8. Have you launched a Drupal 8 web site or application this year? Dries would like to hear from you. We’ve prepared a short web form so you can tell him your Drupal 8 success story."

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State of Drupal Presentation (September 2016)

Dries Buytaert slides from DrupalCon Dublin.


Drupal 8 - the Entity CMS

An introduction to entities in Drupal 8 by Derek Reese.

5 Must-Read Drupal Blogs for Agencies!


Deploy Drupal Updates and New Features with Drush Commands

A gentle introduction into writing Drush scripts for deployment by Minnur Yunusov.

Drupal 8 Views: How to Set as Admin Path

The way paths or routes are defined in Drupal 8 has changed. Learn how to work with them in D8 in this short tutorial by Jo Fitzgerald.

Drupal Dev Environment on Docker

If you want to try Docker for your local Drupal development this post is a good place to start

Introduction to YAML in Drupal 8

A nice introduction into how YAML is used in Drupal 8.

Managing Your Drupal Project with Composer

Matt Glaman, a co-maintainer of Drupal Commerce which heavily uses Composer delivers a very useful guide to using the package manager with your Drupal project.

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Drupal Site

After numerous site audits, we’ve gathered the top lessons learned as well as tips and tricks for creating and maintaining effective Drupal sites. Learn about best practices and common mistakes in 5 crucial areas: architecture, security, performance, infrastructure, and website lifecycle.

Short Screencast Intro to the New Drupal Console Field:info Command

Steve Purkiss demonstrates a very useful Drupal Console command. Well worth watching.

Writing a Custom Authenticator in Drupal 8


Drupal Commerce 2.0 Enters Beta

"Start a Drupal 8 eCommerce site today, and you will be able to update your way to the full 2.0 release and beyond."


Address 8.x-1.0-Rc2

Commerce 8.x-2.0-Beta2

Drupal 7.51

Drupal 8.2.1

Drustack 8.x-2.0

easy_breadcrumb 8.x-1.5

Lightning 8.x-1.06

Markdown 8.x-1.1

menu_breadcrumb 8.x-1.0-Beta1

migrate_upgrade 8.x-2.0

migrate_upgrade 8.x-3.0-Rc1

Yamlform 8.x-1.0-Beta20


Acquia Podcast: How Indigo Herbs Runs Its Whole Business on Drupal!

Lullabot Podcast: Wi-Fi & Coffee, a Vacation? the DrupalCon Dublin Recap

Mediacurrent: Dropcast: Episode 24: Did You Miss Us?


Drupal 8 Day

"Drupal 8 Day is a 100% free, online Drupal Camp. Drupal 8 Day is going to take place on November 19, 2016 ... the first anniversary of Drupal 8's release!"


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