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Issue 260 - October, 6th 2016


Coding Standards on

The Drupal coding standards have a new home.

Drupal Core Announcements: Chris McCafferty (Cilefen) as Provisional Committer

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New Drupal 8 Ideas in Dries' Dublin Keynote

A nice summary of the Driesnote at DrupalCon Dublin.

The DrupalCon Dublin 2016 Wrap-Up - a View from the Floor

Checking on Drupal 8's Rapid Innovation Promises

Gábor Hojtsy on Drupal 8's release cycle. In this post he includes his talk from DrupalCon Dublin. "Now that we released Drupal 8.1.0 and almost 8.2.0 as well, how did we do? Also what else is possible and what is blocking us to make those moves? What do all the changes mean for how might Drupal 9 unfold?"


Drupal's Collective Purpose

Dries Buytaert reflects on Drupal from it's inception to today.

Another Version of Drupal 8

Blake Hall of Drupalize.Me shares what new and fresh in Drupal 8.2.

The Transformation of Drupal 8 for Continuous Innovation

Dries Buytaert explains the goals of Drupal's new versioning and release cycle.

The Door for New Contributors to Drupal Is Still Locked

The problem Benjamin Melançon is talking about here is real and is not a new one. I don't have an answer but many have made suggestions that should be tried. If you care about encouraging new contributors to Drupal you should read this post.

What Workbench in Core Means for Editors and Site Builders

The Workbench module suite is a key component to most Drupal 7 websites, and is in 8.2 core as Content Moderation. Providing revision management, personal editorial workspaces, and editorial access groups, the module suite provides a unified solution to common problems. Learn about the state of the modules in Drupal 8, the development roadmap, and how your projects can leverage Workbench now.

When Not to Use Drupal

Albert Albala hits on an important issue in the Drupal community. When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Albert explains why Drupal 8 was not the right or best choice for Gasp! How can this be?

Why Are There So Few Drupal 8 Themes?

A fair and interesting question from Steve Burge.

Wot No Themes? This Might Be Why There Are So Few Themes Available for Drupal 8

Malcolm Young responds to Steve Burge's question about the limited number of themes for Drupal 8.


4 Useful Tools You Should Know Before Starting Your First Drupal 8 Project

Drupal 8 Views: How to Formulate the Route Name

Migrating 20,000 Images, Audio Clips, and Video Clips Into Drupal 8

Jeff Geerling describes why he didn't use the core migration in Drupal 8. "The module is still in 'experimental' status, and for good reason—for now, unless you have a very simple blog or brochure-style Drupal 6 or 7 site, it's a good idea to spin up a local Drupal 8 site (might I suggest Drupal VM?) and test your migration to see how things go before you commit fully to the Drupal 8 upgrade process."

Retrieving and Manipulating Content with Waterwheel.js

Acquia's Preston So explains how you can set up Drupal 8.2 as a Drupal content store for Waterwheel.js.

Routing and Controllers in Drupal 8

Streamline Your Update Process

How can I ensure that my Drupal sites are updated & secured 24/7, while retaining my current workflow, but without worrying that an update could break my site? And how can I provide the same for my clients? Test the answer for free.


Book Review: Drupal 8 Development Cookbook

A solid review by Michael Anello. If you are looking at buying this book to help you learn Drupal 8 I would read this review.


Drupal VM Supports MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL

A very useful update to a project I use very day.

Getting Started with Waterwheel.js and Resource Discovery

Preston So explains the problem Waterwheel.js seeks to solve. "For developers of Drupal-backed JavaScript applications, simply having an HTTP client which can make requests against Drupal 8’s core REST API is often not enough. JavaScript developers are sometimes stymied by nuances unique to Drupal which leak out when consuming Drupal’s REST API, such as Drupal-specific paths for resources and confusing data structures in responses."


Address 8.x-1.0-Rc1

cache_tags 8.x-1.0-Beta1

easy_breadcrumb 8.x-1.4

Panels 8.x-3.0-Beta5

search_api 8.x-1.0-Beta2

Yamlform 8.x-1.0-Beta19


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