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Issue 26 March 15, 2012

DrupalCon Denver begins next week and if you can find me on Monday or Tuesday before I give them all away, you can get a free t-shirt. And for those of you who are not attending DrupalCon Denver, you only have to hear about it for one more week. ~ Bob


Detailed Response To Publicly Posted Csrf Concerns In Drupal 7.12

Last week several sites publicly posted security "vulnerabilities" in Drupal 7.12. I add the quotes since in my opinion these issues have been explained in detail by Greg Knaddison and others. If you are unfamiliar with the Drupal Security Team and their policies you should take some time to read this post.

Aegir 1.7 Released

This release includes bugfixes and many fixes related to Nginx support. The Aegir project is making progress toward a 2.x release which will include Drush 5 and Drupal 7 support.

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DrupalCon Denver

A First Timer's Guide to DrupalCon

Denver will not be my first DrupalCon but I learned a couple things from Jeff Geerling's guide. Worth a read before you head to the Mile High City.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Scheduler Now Available!

Content Staging In Core - Let's Make A Plan

Free Access To Over 610 Drupal Video Tutorials On Drupalcon Sprint Day

Chris Shattuck is opening up the vault for the DrupalCon sprints on March 24th. Chris does great work and you should take him up on his offer.

Articles & Tutorials

Drupal's Experience Gap, Part 1

Michael Anello of DrupalEasy has posted an interesting article about the shortage of experienced Drupal devs. If you haven't been following along, Mike is a part of the Drupal Career Starter Program that trained laid-off workers from the Kennedy Space Center in the ways of Drupal. I'm looking forward to reading part two.

Drupal's Governance

Using Eclipse PDT for Drupal Development

Over on the Cocomore blog Lowell Montgomery has delivered a detailed primer outlining using the Eclipse IDE for Drupal development. Lowell shares the pros and cons of picking Eclipse in addition to a list of shortcuts and plugins.

How To Run Javascript, In Drupal's Admin Overlay, On Load

If you are still a little green when it comes to working with Javascript in Drupal this short tutorial from Alli Price is worth a read.

Building a Multistep Registration Form in Drupal 7

Creating Facebook Canvas Apps & Page Tabs

If it hasn't already happened, at some point you will be asked to integrate a Drupal site with Facebook. Chris Didcote walks us through creating a FB Canvas page which is basically a wrapper for displaying your external content in Facebook.

Extending Form API #states with regular expressions

Using hook_views_alter to Add a "GROUP BY" Statement

While Ryan Oles post covers Drupal 6 and Views 2 take a look in the comments for a Drupal 7 code example.


Font Sizing Using Rem On Drupal 7 Themes

You know I feel like HTML5 gets all the press while to often CSS3 plays second fiddle. Art Williams shares his experience using rems in Drupal themes.

11 Useful Drupal Theme Frameworks You Might Not Have Seen

A nice list of Drupal themes from Steve Burge over at


Modules Unraveled: 012

Greg Dunlap joins Brian to discuss the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8.

The Web Ahead #19: Internet in Your Pocket with Luke Wroblewski

Jen Simmons of the Bartik theme chats with Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First and Keynote speaker at DrupalCon Denver about mobile, mobile first, and the mobile web.

Video and Slide Decks

Devops and Drupal, the Survey, the Results

Kris Buytaert has an interesting slide deck covering the topic of Devops. It's both humorous and informative. Case Study

Marketplace is a public radio program many of you may be familiar with. What you may not know that they are using Drupal. Christefano Reyes of shared the video of the team's presentation at the January Downtown LA Drupal meetup. The Marketplace team shares their experiences migrating from two different legacy CMS's and much more.


Entity List Display

Module Monday: Edit Limit

Edit limit module does exactly what the name implies. It allows you to limit the edit rights on nodes including the number of edits and the time frame in which a node can be edited. Mr Eaton goes into more detail in his usual witty style.


The Druplacat

What happened when Github's Octocat and Drupalicon met!


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