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Issue 258 - September, 22nd 2016


Drupal Core Announcements: Core Topic Discussions at DrupalCon Dublin

"DrupalCon Dublin includes a full track of core conversations where you can learn about current topics in Drupal core development, and a week of sprints where you can participate in shaping Drupal's future."

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Can Drupal Outdo Native Applications?

Dries Buytaert shares his thoughts on how the web can compete with native applications.

Drupal 8 on Cloud9 IDE

Giving Clients What They Need - Not What They Want

If you give your clients exactly what they ask for... they might not be as happy as you think! Instead, give them what they *need*.


Creating a Dynamic Email Template in Drupal

"Creating a plain text email with Drupal is a simple task. However, when you want to send a nicely designed message with a logo, an article, a linked button or any other unique design with dynamic content personalized for each user, it can get complicated."

Custom Permissions in Drupal 8

"In Drupal 7 you had to use the hook_permission() where you provided the name and description of roles. In Drupal 8, however, we have now a separate YAML file that declares your custom roles. This is a cleaner and more standardized way of declaring what our module provides."

Drupal 8 Improvements for Developer Productivity: PHP, Symfony, and More

With support for object-oriented web development, PHP, Symfony, and more, Drupal 8 has been architected for developer productivity and makes development easier than ever before. Learn how to setup the tools to make Drupal 8 and Symfony development that much easier, such as debugging with Dev Desktop2, Xdebug, and PHPStorm as the IDE, using Drush and Drupal Console, and more.

Enhancing CKEditor in Drupal 8

A nice look at customizing CKEditor on your new Drupal 8 site.

How to Add Audio Files to Drupal 8 Sites

How to Define Variables in Twig Templates to Use as Custom HTML Classes

Learn how to do this common Drupal 8 theming task.

How to Force Search API to Reindex a Node / an Entity

Most Commonly Used Hooks in Drupal 7

Redirecting Node Pages in Drupal 8

Using Panels to Override Existing Pages in Drupal 8


Module Release: 'Pop-Up Question Redirect'

"The Popup question redirect module allows Drupal site builders to show website visitors a pop-up in which a question can be asked. If the visitor clicks "Yes" they will be redirected to a given webpage."


Coder 8.x-2.9

Diff 8.x-1.0-Beta1

Features 8.x-3.0-Beta9

Linkit 8.x-5.0-Beta3

Openpublic 7.x-1.10

require_login 8.x-1.10

Token 8.x-1.0-Beta2


Exporting and Importing Taxonomies


DrupalEasy Podcast 185 - Amigurumi Long Beans (Ted Bowman - D8 Outside-In)

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 32: Documentation and Training


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