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Issue 253 - August, 18th 2016


What’s New on - July 2016

Find out what is in the works on and plan ahead.

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Dependency Injection - How to Access Services in Controllers

"If you are trying to get to grips with Dependency Injection in Drupal 8 then here is a walk-through of how I applied it in one of my Drupal 8 test projects."

Drupal 7 EMW: Adding Images to a Image List

Learn to work with images and Entity metadata wrapper.

Drupal Code Standards: Formatting

A great intro to Drupal's coding standards with many code examples.

Creating a Static Copy of a Drupal 6 Site

A video tutorial walking through the process of making a static copy of a Drupal 6 site.

How to Create Queue Worker in Drupal 8

Learn to use Drupal 8's queue API.

Learning How to Write Tests for Drupal

Marc Drummond discusses how he is learning to write tests as well as a Github repo where you can contribute to others learning this skill.

Making a Multi-Column Content Section with Drupal Paragraphs and Bootstrap

Jim Birch shows us the powerful combination of Paragraphs module and Bootstrap.

Making Drupal User File Uploads Safe(r)

"Do you let users upload files to your Drupal site? You know that "user" is a synonym for attacker, right?"

Want to Validate Your Drupal Skillset?

Whether you are an expert Drupalist or a relatively new one, the Acquia Certified Developer exam can help you master Drupal web development skills and prove your talent. The exam validates developers’ medium- to advanced-level Drupal development skills. Read this guide for insight into the nature of the exam, clear advice on how you can prepare, and some useful exam-taking tips.

Complete Drupal 8 Series (265 Videos) Released Today!

Looking to level up on Drupal 8? Check out these videos from Twenty of them are free.

Basic Hello World with Composer and Php


google_analytics 7.x-2.3

google_analytics 8.x-2.1

Lightning 7.x-1.0-Beta15

Paranoia 7.x-1.6

Plugin 8.x-2.4

SA-CORE-2016-003 (Hardening)

Shield 8.x-1.0-Beta2

Thunder 8.x-1.0-Beta10

video_embed_field 8.x-1.3

Yamlform 8.x-1.0-Beta14


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