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Issue 251 - August, 4th 2016


Drupal Association News: Drupal Association's 12 Month Focus

Drupal Association director Megan Sanicki offers insight into the direction of the DA over the next 12 months.

Drupal Association News: Changes for the Drupal Association Engineering Team

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7 Facts That Reveal the State of Drupal

Some interesting info about Drupal 8 today.

A Survey! Is Drupal Hard?

How does Drupal compare to other platforms you've used? Please take the survey!

Basethemes in Drupal 8

The one and only MortenDK explains the concept of base themes in Drupal 8.

Rethinking Content

"While mobile-first is a good design philosophy, actually thinking in terms of a mobile display vs a desktop is already a step behind. It’s time to rethink content."

Setting Higher Standards for Corporate Contributions to Drupal

Dries Buytaert clarifies comment about companies contributing to core.


Adding pURL Multidomain XMLSitemap

Drinking the Drupal-Composer Kool-Aid?

"Do you want to manage modules and dependencies the PHP way instead of the "Drupal" way? Don't know how to use composer with Drupal? Are you planning to ditch drush make approach and adopt a composer based workflow?"

Drupal 8 Namespaces - Class Aliasing

Hide the Page Title Depending on a Checkbox Field in a Particular Content Type

How to Print Variables Using Kint in Drupal 8

If you used devel in Drupal 7 you'll want to look at this post about Kint in Drupal 8.

How to Use Entity Print in Drupal 8

Need to Quickly Roll Back Your Drupal Database? Restore It with Just One Click

Waterwheel: The Drupal SDK for JavaScript Developers

As Drupal begins to be more widely used as a back end for web services and for application ecosystems by extension, developers of wildly diverse backgrounds are consuming and manipulating data from Drupal in unprecedented ways. This webinar will discuss waterwheel, our client- and server-side JavaScript library, which helps developers talk with Drupal without having to learn about core REST’s authentication system, and how Waterwheel can benefit developers, workflows, architecture, and more.


Releases of Various Drupal 8 Media Modules


admin_toolbar 8.x-1.16

Bean 7.x-1.10

entity_reference_revisions 8.x-1.0

media_entity 8.x-1.3

media_entity_image 8.x-1.2

menu_block 8.x-1.2

Paragraphs 8.x-1.0

Services 7.x-3.16


Around the Drupalverse with Enzo García - Lullabot Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 183 - Higher Ed - Shawn DeArmond


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